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This page was last updated on: August 26, 2016
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2015 Avon High schedule
Fri. Sept. 11:    Avon 27, Rocky Hill 0
Sat. Sept. 19:   East Catholic 22, Avon 20
Fri. Sept. 25:    Avon 47, Tolland 7
Sat. Oct. 3:      Avon 35, Fermi 6
Sat. Oct. 10:    Bloomfield 42, Avon 28
Fri. Oct. 23:     Avon 21, Berlin 14
Sat. Oct. 31:    Avon 28, Northwest Catholic 0
Sat. Nov. 7:     Avon 41, Rockville 12
Sat. Nov. 14:   Avon 35, Plainville 14
Tues. Nov. 24: Avon 55, Simsbury 26

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2015 record
8-2 overall
4-0 CCC Div. 3 East
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State football record book
Click here for 2015 Connecticut High School Football record book. 
Avon 55, Simsbury 26
At Simsbury
Avon (8-2)       14 27 14 0 — 55
Simsbury (1-9) 12   0   7 7 — 26
First quarter
A: Teddy Allmendinger 7 run (Alden Getz kick), 10:30
S: Alex Haggerty 26 pass from Riley Shanley (kick failed, wide), 9:23
S: Haggerty 10 pass from Shanley (pass fails), 3:59
A: Ian McDonald 34 run (Getz kick), 2:21
Second quarter
A: Allmendinger 30 run (Getz kick), 11:29
A: Geoff Kirk 38 pass from McDonald (Getz kick), 10:26
A: McDonald 29 run (kick fails, blocked), 6:10
A: McDonald 5 run (Getz kick), 0:10
Third quarter
A: McDonald 59 run (Getz kick), 11:00
A: Robert Bujwid 59 pass from Sean Del Gallo (Getz kick), 8:14
S: Haggerty 11 pass from Shanley (Jake Epstein kick), 0:16
Fourth quarter
S: Jayvan Holmes 65 fumble return (Epstein kick), 1:37
Individual statistics
RUSHING – Avon: Sean Del Gallo 1-16, Dylan Burgos 4-2, Ian McDonald 15-206, Teddy Allmendinger 5-93, Leon Asberry 6-20, Nick Baldwin 2-8, Andrew Sides 1-6; Simsbury – Grasonn Foster 20-89, Riley Shanley 15-39, Colin Cremens 6-19
PASSING: Avon – Ian McDonald 5-11-1, 92; Sean Del Gallo 1-1, 59; Simsbury – Riley Shanley 12-33-4, 138
RECEIVING: Avon – Dylan Burgos 2-20, Geoff Kirk 2-59, Teddy Allmendinger 1-13, Robert Bujwid 1-59; Simsbury – Matthew Greiten 3-32, Alex Haggerty 7-73, Sean Sinacort 1-19, Spencer Mence 1-13
SACKS: Avon – Leon Asberry 1-4, Max Kritikos ½-2, Nick Schuster 1½-10, Ryan Ollestad 1-9; FUMBLE RECOVERY: Billy Kritikos (A) 1-0, Jayvan Holmes (S) 1-65; INTERCEPTIONS: Haggerty (S) 1, Del Gallo (A) 2, Ian McDonald (A) 1, Tommy Donovan (A) 1
RETURNS: Punt – Danny Taylor (A) 2-25; Kickoffs – Haggerty (S) 2-30, Colin Cremens (S) 3-55, Dominic Francis (S) 1-22, Geoff Kirk (A) 3-23, Tommy Donovan (A) 1

Avon 35, Plainville 14
At Avon
Plainville (3-6) 7   7 0 0 — 14
Avon (7-2)      7 14 7 7 — 35
First quarter
P: Corey McKisson 8 run (Ryan Gorham kick), 9:20
A: Ian McDonald 1 run (Alden Getz kick), 3:44
Second quarter
A: Dylan Burgos 25 pass from McDonald (Getz kick), 8:37
A: McDonald 18 run (Getz kick), 5:55
P: McKisson 66 run (Gorham kick), 2:05
Third quarter
A: McDonald 46 run (Getz kick), 6:13
Fourth quarter
A: McDonald 23 run (Getz kick), 10:26
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Avon – Ian McDonald 19-141, Leon Asberry 1-0, Ryan Nolan 3-2, Teddy Allmendinger 4-74, Sean Del Gallo 1-11; Plainville – Corey McKisson 26-138, Jon Lindgren 23-115, Abass Bell 2-3
PASSING: Avon – McDonald 2-7-0, 56; Plainville – Lindgren 1-4-0, minus 2
RECEIVING: Avon – Dylan Burgos 1-25, Sean Del Gallo 1-31; Plainville – Jon Olson 1-minus 2
RETURNS: Avon – Del Gallo 2-23 (kickoffs), Ryan Ollstead 1-0 (kickoff); Plainville – Mikal Salmon 1-30 (kickoff), Bell 2-33 (kickoff); FUMBLE RECOVERY: Geoff Kirk (A), Sean Del Gallo (A)

Avon 41, Rockville 12
At Avon 
Rockville (1-7)   0   0 6 6 — 12
Avon (6-2)      14 27 0 0 — 41
First quarter
A: Ian McDonald 65 run (Alden Getz kick), 11:09
A: Sean Del Gallo 26 pass from McDonald (Getz kick), 4:34
Second quarter
A: Geoff Kirk 16 pass from McDonald (Getz kick), 10:21
A: Robert Bujwid 35 fumble return (pass fails), 9:21
A: McDonald 74 interception return (Getz kick), 6:39
A: McDonald 75 punt return (Getz kick), 4:20
Third quarter
R: Joshua Foster 1 run (run fails), 6:11
Fourth quarter
R: Jake Wilson 26 pass from Justin Orlowski (pass fails), 0:03
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Avon – Tommy Donovan 1-5, Teddy Allmendinger 4-41, Dylan Burgos 2-2, Ian McDonald 8-82, Ryan Nolan 2-14; Rockville – Justin Orlowski 1-2, Joshua Foster 13-27, unknown (No. 40) 2-5, Ryan Main 19-62, Christian Perez 2-4, Chris Wheeler 3-14
PASSING: Avon – Ian McDonald 6-8-0, 120; Sean Del Gallo 0-1-0, Dylan Burgos 0-2-1, 0; Rockville – Justin Orlowski 7-15-3, 88, Christian Perez 1-1-0, 25
RECEIVING: Avon – Sean Del Galo 1-26, Robert Bujwid 1-32, Geoff Kirk 2-42, Leon Asberry 1-4, Ryan Ollstad 1-42; Rockville – Chris Wheeler 2-17, Colin Neal 1-9, Jake Wilson 4-102, jeQuon Hutchins 1-14
INTERCEPTIONS: Robert Bujwid (A) 1-20, Ian McDonald (A) 1-74, Danny Taylor (A) 1-20; Malik Tate (R) 1-20; FUMBLE REC: Bujwid (A) 1-35; RETURNS: McDonald (A) 1-75 (punt), Nick Baldwin (A) 1-0 kickoff, Ryan Ollestad (A) 1-0 kickoff; Jack Jones (A) 1-20 kickoff

Avon 28, NW Catholic 0
At West Hartford
Avon (5-2)             21 7 0 0 -- 28
NW Catholic (3-4)    0 0 0 0 -- 0
First quarter
A: Ian McDonald 65 run (Alden Getz kick),
A: Safety. Snap to QB went out of end zone
A: McDonald 3 run (kick blocked)
A: Sean Del Gallo 20 pass from McDonald (kick blocked)
Second quarter
A: Teddy Allmendinger 35 pass from McDonald (Getz kick)
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Avon – Ian McDonald 11-90, Teddy Allmendinger 3-43, Sean Del Gallo 2-24, Leon Asberry 4-1
PASSING: Avon – Ian McDonald 8-20-0, 84
RECEIVING: Avon – Del Gallo 3-34, Allmendinger 2-3, Dylan Burgos 2-11, Robert Bujwid 1-6
INTERCEPTIONS: Peter Gerosa (A) 1-0

Avon 21, Berlin 14
At Berlin
Avon (4-2)       7 7 7   0 — 21
Berlin (5-1)      0 0 0 14 — 14
First quarter
A: Luke Meaney 35 run (Alden Getz kick), 0:43
Second quarter
A: Meaney 72 pass from Ian McDonald (Getz kick), 8:23
Third quarter
A: McDonald 30 run (Getz kick), 9:26
Fourth quarter
B: Jake Loiselle 40 pass from Jack Lynch (Giancarlo Tufano kick), 6:49
B: Loiselle 30 pass from Lynch (Turfano kick), 1:24
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Avon – Ian McDonald 14-62, Teddy Allmendinger 10-30; Berlin – Jack Lynch 6-minus 14, Owen Taylor 13-63, Jake Loiselle 5-16, Jack Hamel 2-7, Zach Pajor 2-8, Deonae Spence 1-3
PASSING: Avon – McDonald 4-6-0, 148; Berlin – Lynch 23-30-1, 167
RECEIVING: Avon – Geoff Kirk 2-69, Luke Meaney 2-77; Berlin – Owen Taylor 2-12, Cody Lacasse 8-48, Alex Fleeton 1-6, Nick Liberda 1-minus 1, Garrett Guite 4-25, Ryan Cop 3-60, Jake Loiselle 3-80, Mitchell Maslowski 1-11

Bloomfield 42, Avon 28
At Avon
Bloomfield (4-1) 7 21 7 7 — 42
Avon (3-2)         0 14 7 7 — 28
First quarter
B: Russell Thompson-Bishop 31 pass from Rayshawn Phillips (Lewis Calhoun kick), 5:30
Second quarter
A: Ian McDonald 20 run (Aiden Getz kick), 11:50
B: Thompson-Bishop 45 pass from Phillips (Jason Loney kick), 6:11
B: Thompson-Bishop 61 pass from Phillips (Loney kick), 3:31
B: Jose Crespas 45 pass from Phillips (Loney kick) 1:31
A: McDonald 5 run (Getz kick), 0:31
Third quarter
B: Phillips 31 run (Loney kick), 6:27
A: McDonald 18 run (Getz kick), 4:35
Fourth quarter
A: McDonald 22 run (Getz kick), 10:44
B: Thompson-Bishop 49 pass from Phillips (Loney kick), 9:47
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Avon – Ian McDonald 24-168, Teddy Allmendinger 3-4, Sean Del Gallo 1-2: Bloomfield – Rayshawn Phillips 6-43, Andrell Pinnock 18-56, Duane Roberts 5-17, Isaiah Colebrook 3-25
PASSING: Avon – McDonald 12-26-1, 157, Luke Meaney 0-1-0; Bloomfield – Phillips 23-34-1, 397, Colebrook 0-1-0
RECEIVING: Avon – Geoff Kirk 5-32, Allmendinger 5-91, Del Gallo 2-34; Bloomfield – Russell Thompson Bishop 13-256, Lewis Calhoun 3-22, Andrell Pinnock 2-27, Isaiah Colebrook 3-50, Duane Roberts 1-minus 3, Jose Crespo 1-45

Avon 35, Fermi 6
At Avon
Fermi (0-4)        0 0 0 6 — 6
Avon (3-1)      21 7 7 0 — 35
First quarter
A: Ian McDonald 1 run (Alden Getz kick)
A: Sean Del Gallo 48 pass from McDonald (Getz kick)
A: McDonald 3 run (Getz kick)
Second quarter
A: Leon Asberry 1 run (Getz kick)
Third quarter
A: Teddy Allemendinger 4 run (Getz kick)
Fourth quarter
F: Ian Grabowski 38 run (pass fails)
Individual statistics
RUSHING – Avon: Ian McDonald 7-48, Leon Asberry 8-33, Teddy Allmendinger 3-27, Tommy Donovan 5-17, Dan Quick 1-1, unknown (25) 2-minus 4, Peter Gerosa 2-minus 4, Ryan Nolan 3-minus 18
PASSING – Avon: McDonald 11-15-0, 271, 1 TD; Gerosa 0-1-1, 0
RECEIVING – Avon: Asberry 2-33, Donovan 1-12, Sean Del Gallo 2-83, Geoff Kirk 2-89, Luke Meaney 2-42, Danny Taylor 1-2
RETURNS –Taylor (A) 3-57 (punt); FUMBLE REC: Ryan Nolan (A) 1-1

Avon 47, Tolland 7
At Avon
Tolland (1-2)   7   0 0 0 -- 7
Avon (2-1)    26 14 7 0 -- 47
First quarter
A: Sean Del Gallo 85 kickoff return (kick failed), 11:46
A: Ian McDonald 21 run (run failed), 9:43
A: Andrew Blackmore 24 fumble return (Alden Getz kick). 8:43
A: McDonald 7 run (Getz kick), 3:06
T: Eddie Mesnil 93 kickoff return (Jon Lindquist kick), 2:51
Second quarter
A: McDonald 73 run (Getz kick), 10:19
A: McDonald 9 run (Getz kick), 7:31
Third quarter
A: Leon Ashbury 1 run (Getz kick), 2:24

East Catholic 22, Avon 20
At Avon
East Catholic (2-0) 8 0 6   8 — 22
Avon (1-1)             0 6 0 14 — 20
First quarter
EC: Andre Brackett, Jr. 2 run (Marc Zazzaro run), 7:08
Second quarter
A: Andrew Blackmore 1 run (run fails), 10:44
Third quarter
EC: Zazzaro 1 run (run fails), 1:04
Fourth quarter
EC: Brackett 43 run (Jack Droney run), 8:32
A: Geoff Kirk 16 pass from Ian McDonald (McDonald run), 7:39
A: Kirk 17 pass from McDonald (run fails), 1:19
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Avon – Ian McDonald 9-66, Teddy Allemendinger 6-52, Andrew Blackmore 5-7, Leon Ashbury 1-8; East Catholic – Jack Droney 4-minus 3, Conor Hills 11-58, Tommy Smith 6-18, Andre Brackett, Jr., 14-100, Marc Zazzaro 11-35, Josh Mendoza 1-7
PASSING: Avon – McDonald 8-19-1, 123; East Catholic – Droney 2-6-0, 57
RECEIVING: Avon – Geoff Kirk 5-78, Sean Del Gallo 3-45; East Catholic – Brackett 1-38, Connor Heslin 1-19
SACK: Ryan Nolan (A) 1-6, INTERCEPTION: Zazzaro (EC) 1-0; FUMBLE RECOVERY: McDonald (A) 1-0
RETURNS: Kickoffs – Zazzaro 1-22, Punt – Del Gallo (A) 1-0

Avon 27, Rocky Hill 0
At Rocky Hill
Avon (1-0)           0 6 15 6 — 27
Rocky Hill (0-1)    0 0   0 0 — 0
Second quarter
A: Teddy Allmendinger 45 pass from Ian McDonald (kick failed), 0:29
Third quarter
A: McDonald 14 run (Allmendinger run) 7:46
A: McDonald 8 run (Alden Getz kick), 2:53
Fourth quarter
A: McDonald 40 interception return (kick fails), 9:50
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Avon – Leon Ashberry 1-0, Andrew Blackmore 5-3, Teddy Allmendinger 4-18, Gunner Propecius 1-2, Sean DelGallo 1-2, Ian McDonald 17-51; Rocky Hill – Daniel Carvallaro 1-5, William White 9-46, Grant Nieves 20-41, Joseph Ferreira 1-4, Dante Baker 1-0, Joseph Catania 10-49
PASSING: Avon – McDonald 7-8-0, 176; Rocky Hill – Daniel Carvallaro 3-9-2, 54
RECEIVING: Avon – Sean Del Gallo 4-114, Allmendinger 1-45, Jacque Jones 1-7, Geoff Kirk 1-10; Rocky Hill – Diamante Baker 1-14, Atamis Afzal 1-9, Grant Nieves 1-31
INT RETURNS: McDonald 1-40, Blackmore 1-0; FUMBLE RECOVERY: Avon; SACKS – Rocky Hill 2-20
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Avon Football Online
2015 CCC Division III East champions
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Middletown edges out Avon for final playoff berth in Class L
AVON, Nov. 26 -- The Avon High football team needed helped to make the CIAC Class L playoffs Thursday morning. The Falcons (8-2) needed five games to go their way – they got assistance in three games and Middletown outlasted Avon for the eighth and final spot in the Class L tournament.

Middletown ended up with 1,090 points while Avon was 30 points back with 1,060 points.
Collinsville Press, Nov. 26: Falcons finish ninth in Class L playoff ratings

Falcons run over Simsbury to win Valley Gridiron Classic, 55-26
SIMSBURY, Nov. 24 – For about a quarter, there was tremendous energy in the air at Simsbury’s Holden Field. The young, underdog Simsbury High football team scored on two of their first three drives, the roars of the crowd were echoing across the campus and the Trojans had a five-point lead over Avon in the inaugural Valley Gridiron Classic.

Then, Avon popped that upset bubble. The Falcons scored 48 unanswered points to seize command of the contest on a cold Tuesday evening to pull away and capture newly-created Valley Gridiron Classic trophy with a 55-26 decision over Simsbury.
Collinsville Press, Nov. 24: Avon pulls away to win Valley Gridiron Classic

Seniors lead the way in a big win over Plainville
AVON, Nov. 14 -- For the third time this season, senior Ian McDonald ran for four touchdowns in a game. He also threw a 25-yard touchdown pass to Dylan Burgos and ran for a game-high 141 yards on 19 carries.

Senior running back and linebacker Teddy Allmendinger ran for a season-high 74 yards on four carries and was stellar on defense with several tackles and at least four tackles for a loss. Seniors Geoff Kirk and Sean Del Gallo each recovered Plainville fumbles and Kirk had at least three tackles for a loss.

Avon (7-2) won its fourth straight game with a strong 35-14 CCC Division III triumph over Plainville Saturday under windy conditions. The win also keeps alive Avon’s hopes to qualify for the CIAC’s Class L tournament.
Collinsville Press, Nov. 14: Seniors take a bow in Avon's 35-14 win over Plainville

Avon dominates Rams to claim division title
AVON, Nov. 7 -- There were just smiles across the Avon High football field as the Falcons celebrated winning the 17th championship in team history with a dominating 41-12 win over Rockville to capture the Central Connecticut Conference’s Division III Eastern Division title in its first year in the CCC.

“If someone had told me with all of these injuries and illnesses that would be fighting for a division title, I would have told them they were crazy,” Avon’s third-year head coach Jim Caouette said. “But these kids are resilient. Our seniors are resilient. We have some pretty good players.”

Senior quarterback Ian McDonald was magnificent against the Rams. McDonald 6-of-8 passes for 120 yards and two touchdown passes. He ran for a 65-yard touchdown in the first quarter. He also tied a school record by returning a punt 75 yards for a touchdown and returned an interception 74 yards for a touchdown.
Collinsville Press, Nov. 7: Avon dominates Rockville to win division title

Avon shuts out NW Catholic for first time
WEST HARTFORD, Oct. 31 – Ian McDonald ran for two touchdowns and threw two touchdown passes as the Avon High football team shutout Northwest Catholic Saturday in a CCC Division III contest in West Hartford.

The Falcons (5-2) led 21-0 after one quarter thanks to a 65-yard run from McDonald on the first play from scrimmage and a three-yard touchdown run. McDonald also threw a 20-yard touchdown pass to Sean Del Gallo.
Collinsville Press, Oct. 31: Avon blanks Northwest Catholic for the first time

Defense, big plays lift Avon past undefeated Berlin
BERLIN, Oct. 23 -- Avon forced two Berlin turnovers, sacked QB Jack Lynch three times for 30 yards and stopped two Berlin drives inside the 20-yard line Friday night at Sage Park. Avon’s Luke Meaney used his speed to score a pair of touchdowns, including a 72-yard TD reception as the Falcons beat Berlin for the first time since 1983 with a 21-14 decision.

“We knew we could play with a team like this,” said Caouette, soaked from a celebratory bucket of water thrown on him by his players after the final horn. “We knew we had to play a clean game, not have any turnovers and play tremendous defense. I’m just so proud of this team.”

Avon (4-2, 3-0 CCC Div. 3 East) is one win away from a potential division championship in its first season in the CCC. If the Falcons can beat Rockville (0-6) at home on Nov. 7, they’ll capture the CCC Division III Eastern Division pennant.
Collinsville Press, Oct. 23: Avon stands tall and beats Berlin for first time since 1983

Mistakes cost Falcons in loss to Bloomfield, 42-28
AVON, Oct. 10 – The Avon High football team made some mistakes and it cost them in Saturday night’s CCC Division III battle with Bloomfield.

A potential interception was tipped into the air but Bloomfield receiver Russell Thompson-Bishop grabbed it out of the air and raced 31 yards for the first score of the game. Thompson-Bishop added another TD when he broke a tackle and ran 45 yards down the sideline. He scored a third when he got behind a defender for a 61-yard TD reception.

It was more than enough as the visiting Warhawks beat Avon, 42-28 under portable lights rented by the Friends of Avon football booster club.
Collinsville Press, Oct. 10: Mistakes cost Falcons in loss to Bloomfield

Bloomfield game will now start at 6:30
AVON, Oct. 7 -- Thanks to support from Friends of Avon Football, Saturday's big game with Bloomfield will now be played under portable lights beginning at 6:30 p.m. at AHS. The game was originally scheduled for a 1 p.m. start. Both teams are 3-1.

Avon dominates Fermi for third win
AVON, Oct. 3 -- Things went well Saturday as the Falcons improved to 3-1 with a dominating 35-6 CCC Division III East Division victory over Fermi-Enfield. Avon senior quarterback Ian McDonald completed 11-of-25 passes for a career-high 271 yards and a touchdown.

McDonald’s 271 yards ranks as the second-highest performance in school history.Geoff Kirk caught two passes for game-high 89 yards including a 45-yard completion in the third quarter. Sean Del Gallo caught two passes for 83 yards including a 48-yard touchdown pass in the second quarter.
Collinsville Press, Oct. 4: McDonald leads Falcons to big win over Fermi

Falcons roll to Homecoming win over Tolland
AVON, Sept. 25 – Ian McDonald scored a career-high four touchdowns in one game and the Falcons scored four times in the first quarter as the Avon High football team rolled to a dominating 47-7 Central Connecticut Conference win over Tolland Friday night during Homecoming.

“We were very efficient,” Avon coach Jim Caouette said. “Any time, you start the game off with a kickoff return for a touchdown, it is a good way to start. We played solid football offensively and played great defense throughout the game. I was very happy with our effort.”
Collinsville Press, Sept. 25: McDonald helps Avon roll to Homecoming win over Tolland

East Catholic controls game, holds off late Avon rally
AVON, Sept. 19 -- On Saturday, the Falcons ran out of time against East Catholic. The visiting Eagles controlled the contest with its ground game, built a 16-point lead in the third quarter and held off a late Avon rally to earn a 22-20 decision.

Avon (1-1) scored two touchdowns in the final 7:39 to pull within two points but the Eagles tripped up running back Andrew Blackmore at the goal line to stop a two-point conversion with 1:19 remaining to secure the victory.
Collinsville Press, Sept. 19: East Catholic holds off late Avon rally for the win

McDonald helps lead Avon to win 
in CCC debut
ROCKY HILL, Sept. 11 -- The Falcons made their long-awaited CCC debut Friday night with a convincing 27-0 victory over Rocky Hill at John McVicar Field. Avon broke open the contest with the hard running of quarterback Ian McDonald and Teddy Allmendinger and a stingy run defense. McDonald ran for two touchdowns, threw for one and ran back an interception for a touchdown.
Collinsville Press, Sept. 11: McDonald, Allmendinger lead Avon to shutout win over Rocky Hill in CCC debut

Falcons looking forward to CCC debut Friday against Terriers
AVON, Sept. 7 -- Just how good is Avon? The Falcons get an opportunity to prove themselves beginning next week. Having outgrown the North Central Connecticut Conference and the Pequot Conference, Avon begins play in the 33-team Central Connecticut Conference – the largest conference in the state. They face Rocky Hill on Friday night on the road beginning at 7 p.m. "It is a battle every week in the CCC. You have to come prepared to play every week,” Avon coach Jim Caouette said. 
Collinsville Press, Sept. 7: Avon looking forward to CCC play, hopes to contend with Berlin for East title

Avon excited for first year in the CCC
AVON, Aug, 19 -- Third-year head coach Jim Caouette is excited – which isn’t a surprise. He is always optimistic about his team and his players. But he feels he has some talented players that could help Avon compete in the CCC Div. III Eastern Division race this fall.

Avon returns three All-Pequot Uncas Division players WR/TE Geoff Kirk, tackle Harrison Gill and linebacker Teddy Allmendinger, who ran for a team-high 1,278 yards and 13 TDs last year. Quarterback Ian McDonald returns along with Avon’s two leading receivers from a year ago – Kirk (17 receptions, 428 yards, 5 TDs) and Luke Meaney (12-235, 2 TDs).

Avon’s first scrimmage will be Monday, Aug. 24 at Watertown at 10 a.m.
Collinsville Press, Aug. 18: Falcons excited for 2015 campaign

Long-time Avon High football coach Glenn McLellan has died
AVON, August 4 – Glenn McLellan, a physical education teacher who coached the Avon High football team for 26 years, died on Sunday at his South Carolina home at the age of 77. A graduate of the Gilbert School in Winsted and the University of Connecticut, McLellan coached varsity football, wrestling, baseball and track and field at Avon High.

McLellan coached football at Avon from 1966-91 and in 1994, compiling a school-record 130 victories and led the Falcon football team to four Northwest Conference championships and five North Central Connecticut Conference titles.

“We had some great games against Avon. It was classic high school football,” said former Farmington High football coach Paul Maskery who coached against McLellan from 1969 to 1982. “They were very well prepared. Glenn used (the) talent (of his boys) to the utmost.”​
Collinsville Press, Aug. 4: Long-time Avon High football coach Glenn McLellan dies

Avon has five players on All-Uncas Division team
Rogers earns All-State honors
AVON, Dec. 31, 2014 -- Avon, in its final year in the Pequot Conference, had five players named to the All-Uncas Division squad. Avon’s Geoff Kirk (WR/TE), Harrison Gill (T), Ryan Rogers (G), Teddy Allmendinger (LB) and defensive lineman Jamie Dlugolecki were named to the All-Uncas team. Rogers was also named to the CHSCA Class M All-State team. Click on the link to learn more about each player.
Collinsville Press, Dec. 31: Avon has five players on the Pequot All-Uncas Division team

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n Avon’s Ian McDonald (5) in the season-opening game against Ellington/Somers is back in the lineup.
n Avon's Jake Corrigan closes in to make a tackle against Valley Regional.
Avon QB Ian McDonald breaks a tackle in Friday night's win over Rocky Hill. The Falcons won their first-ever CCC contest, 27-0.
Avon's Ian McDonald (8) and the Falcons face Berlin on Friday night with first place in the CCC Division III East Division on the line.
Avon High coach Jim Caouette gets a celebratory shower after the Falcons beat Berlin for the first time since 1983 with a 21-14 victory at Sage Park.
Geoff Kirk moves toward the end zone to score a touchdown in Avon's 41-12 win over Rockville to win the CCC Div. 3 East title.
Avon's Ian McDonald carries a Plainville defender in Saturday's win over the Blue Devils, 35-14.
Top, Avon High coach Jim Caouette and the Falcons celebrate with the Valley Gridiron Classic trophy after beating Simsbury. Above, Avon QB Ian McDonald and the Falcons face Simsbury in front of a big crowd.