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2010 Avon High football schedule
Sat. Sept. 18: Hyde 20, Avon 18
Sat. Sept. 25: Avon 42, Ellington 13
Sat. Oct. 2:    Avon 26, Stafford/East Windsor 14
Sat. Oct. 9:    Avon 43, Windsor Locks/Suffield/East Granby 0
Sat. Oct. 16:  Avon 42, Granby 6
Sat. Oct. 23:  Avon 47, Canton 12
Sat. Oct. 30:  Avon 48, Housatonic/Wamogo 12
Fri. Nov. 5:     Avon 36, Enfield 20
Sat. Nov. 13:  Avon 38, Coventry/Windham Tech 13
Sat. Nov. 20:  Gilbert/Northwestern 7, Avon 0
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8-1 Pequot Uncas
8-2 overall
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State football record book
Click here for the 2010 Connecticut High School Football record book.
Individual leaders
Final (10 games)
RUSHING    Att-Yds      TDs
McDonald  129-1254    20
Moore            70-678      10
Pavano          70-316      4
Brady             25-156      1
Smith               11-34       0
Driscoll-Kelly 4-24          0
Cappello        3-19          0
D'Onofrio          1-8          0
Suttmeier        2-8           0
Cianci              3-(-15)     0
Marshall          1-(-9)       0

Pavano      62-113-4  1106  10
McDonald      1-3-0       37    1
Cianci             1-1-0       20    1

D'Onofrio    51-974    12
Moore              7-92     0
D'Costa           3-40     0
McDonald       2-44     0
Destefano      1-13     0

                TDs PAT 2pt  Pts
McDonald   20-0   0     0   120
D'Onofrio*  0-12  0     0    78
Moore       10-0    0     1    62
Deming**   0-0   37    0    43
Pavano       4-0    0     0    24
Dris-Kelly   1-0    0     0      6
Brady          1-0     0     0     6
*Interception return for TD
**2 field goals

FIELD GOALS: Deming 2-3 (28, 37)
PUNTING:  D'Onofrio 13-412 (31.69); Smith 2-38 (19.0)
PATs: Kevin Deming 32-40

Return yardage
KICKOFFS: McDonald 5-165, Moore 4-108,  D'Costa 1-24, Cianci 1-22, Pavano 1-24, Brady 1-13, Murphy 1-1
PUNTS: D'Onofrio 8-110, Moore 3-65, McDonald 2-45, Brady 1-23

Interceptions (14): Tyler D'Onofrio 5-102, Ryan Jordan 5-25, Colin Moore 2-0, Jimmy Murphy 1-25, Ross McDonald 1-5
Fumble recovery (10): Kwinton Proffit, Tyler Arnott, Tyler D'Onofrio 3, Steve Griffin, Jimmy Murphy 3, Jordan
SACKS (5.5): Tyler Arnott 2.5-16, Weiss 1-5, Proffit 0.5, Deming 0.5, Dupee 0.5, Pavano 0.5
Blocked FG (2): McDonald, Arnott
TACKLES: (FINAL): 1) Joe Murphy 99 tackles for 183 points;  Sean Smith 92 tackles for 138 points, Tyler D'Onofrio 69-137, Ryan Jordan 67-125, Jimmy Murphy 46-110, Tyler Arnott 49-99, Steve Griffin 46-98, Kwinton Proffitt 55-87, Kevin Deming 42-72, Bill Anders 32-65, Colin Pavano 31-59
n Players get 3 points for each solo tackle and 1 point for every assist.
Pequot Conference 2010

Class L playoff points, final
            Rec     Pts.   Avg.
1. Masuk 10-0   1530  153.0
2. Hand    9-1   1290  129.0
3. Naugatuck      9-1   1260  126.0
4. Wethersfield   9-1   1240  124,0
5. Darien  9-1   1230  123.0
6. New Canaan   9-1  1220  122.0
7. North Haven    9-1  1210  121.0
8. Bristol Eastern  9-1 1160  116.0
9. Windsor           8-2  1130  113.0
10. Avon   8-2  1120  112.0
11. Maloney        8-2  1040  104.0
2010 CIAC playoff points
Quarterfinals: Tues, Nov. 30
Masuk 49, Bristol Eastern 23
Darien 31, Wethersfield 7
Hand 19, North Haven 7
New Canaan 21, Naugatuck 12
Semifinals: Sat. Dec. 4
Masuk 41, Darien 0
New Canaan 39, Hand 21
Final: Saturday, Dec. 11
Masuk 50, New Canaan 20

Gilbert/NWR 7, Avon 0
At Avon
Gilbert/NWR (6-2)   0  7  0  0  -- 7
Avon (8-2)              0  0  0  0  -- 0
Second quarter
G: Kyle Jones 1 run (John Ambozaitis kick), 5:38
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Avon -- Ross McDonald 14-42, Colin Pavano 6-12, COlin Moore 10-44, Tyler D'Onofrio 1-5; Gilbert -- Devon Molway 25-116, Kyle Jones 2-1, Bobby Lippincott 10-28, Drew McCarthy 5-minus 6; Avon -- Ross McDonald 14-42, Colin Moore 10-44, Colin Pavano 5-11, Tyler D'Onofrio 2-4
PASSING: GIlbert -- McCarthy 0-0; Avon -- Pavano 1-14-2, 30
RECEIVING: Avon -- D'Onofrio 1-30
KIckoff RETURNS: Jimmy Murphy (A) 1-1; Colin Pavano 1-0; Punt returns: Ross McDonald 2-45

Avon 38, Coventry/WT 13
At Avon
Coventry/WT (6-2)   0    7   6  0 – 13
Avon (8-1)     7  14 10  7 – 38
First quarter
A: Tyler D’Onofrio 10 pass from Colin Pavano (Kevin Deming kick), 3:34
Second quarter
A: Ross McDonald 1 run (Deming kick), 5:07
C: Tom Myers 59 pass from Justin Lindinger pass (Myers Kick), 3:27
A: Colin Moore 55 run (Deming kick), 3:14
Third quarter
A: Deming 37 FG, 8:55
C: Travis Lemire 85 kickoff return (kick failed), 8:43
A: McDonald 4 run (Deming kick), 4:52
Fourth quarter
A: Moore 1 run (Deming kick). 4:13
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Avon – Kyle Brady 4-14, Mitch Cappello 1-5, Colin Moore 12-120, Colin Pavano 10-53, Ross McDonald 18-91, Sean Smith 1-minus 1; Coventry/WT – Austin West 9-1, Justin Lindinger 5-20, Nicholas Follansbee 5-17, Alex Amarante 8-21, Joshua Sparveri 2-7, Shane Wilson 1-9
PASSING: Avon – Colin Pavano 6-9-1, 92, Ross McDonald 0-1-0, 0; Coventry -- Austin West 5-10-1, 35; Justin Lindinger 1-1-0, 58; Tom Myers 0-1, Nicholas Follansbee 1-1-0, 5
RECEIVING: Avon – Tyler D’Onofrio 5-83, Ross McDonald 1-9; Coventry – Tom Myers 2-69, Alex Amarante 1-7, Justin Lindinger 1-6, Austin West 1-5, Nicholas Follansbee 2-11
SACKS: Avon – Chappy Wingo 1.5-13, Tyler Arnot 0.5-4, Jimmy Murphy 0.5-4
INTERCEPTIONS: Avon – Ross McDonald 1-5; Mike Fahey (C) 1-0
RECOVERED FUMBLES: Avon – Ryan Jordan 1
RETURNS: Ross McDonald 2-64 (kickoffs), Issac Davis 1-0 (kickoffs); Coventry -- Alex Amarante 1-18, Travis Lemire 5-155

Avon 36, Enfield 20
At Enfield
Avon (7-1)0  14  3  19 -- 36
Enfield (5-2)       0    6  8    6 – 20
Second quarter
A: Colin Moore 10 yard run (Kevin Deming kick), 11:24
E: Andrew Buanno 35 run (kick blocked), 11:04
A: Tyler D’Onofrio 69 pass from Colin Pavano (Deming kick), 10:12
Third quarter
E: Buanno 2 run (Buanno run), 7:06
A: Deming 28 FG, 3:54
Fourth quarter
A: Ross McDonald 68 run (Deming kick), 10:14
A: Moore 84 run (kick blocked), 8:47
A: Moore 24 run (kick failed), 3:57
E: Buanno 74 pass from Tony Romano (kick failed), 3:37
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Avon – Colin Moore 10-152, Ross McDonald 14-181, Sean Smith 7-31, Colin Pavano 7-9, Tyler D’Onofrio 1-2; Enfield – Tony Romano 1-minus 8, Eric Gernux 8-19, Nick Bevilacqua 2-12, Andrew Buanno 22-111, Tyler Watts 1-0, Kevin Merker 2-11
PASSING: Avon – Colin Pavano 4-6-0, 102; Enfield – Gernux 6-12-2, 84; Romano 1-2-0, 74
RECEIVING: Avon – Tyler D’Onofrio 3-85, Colin Moore 1-17; Enfield –Adrian Kluk 1-17, Tyler Watts 1-4, Kevin Merker 1-25, Jack Reed 1-16, Andrew Buanno 2-94, Hugh Lindo 1-4
SACKS: Tyler Arnott (A) 1-13; FUMBLE RECOVERY: Antonio Young (E), Kyle Federowsky (E), Block PAT: McDonald (A)
RETURNS: Kickoffs -- Nick Graham (E) 4-52, Avery Boissy (E) 1-40, A. Buanno (E) 2-40; Mitch Cappello (A) 1-0, McDonald (A) 1-19, Kyle Brady (A) 1-14, Pavano (A) 1-0; Punts – D’Onofrio (A) 2-32
PUNTING: D'Onofrio (A) 1-43
INTERCEPTIONS: D'Onofrio (A) 1-0, Jordan (A) 1-0; BLOCKED PAT: McDonald (A);

Avon 48, Housatonic/Wamogo 12
At Avon
Housatonic  (3-4)  6    6  0   0  -- 12
Avon (6-1)          14  14  7  13 – 48
First quarter
A: Colin Pavano 16 run (Kevin Deming kick), 10:18
H: Mark Wildman 3 run (run fails), 5:08
A: Colin Moore 50 run (Deming kick), 4:08
Second quarter
A: Moore 24 run (Deming kick), 10:54
A: Tyler D’Onofrio 80 pass from Pavano (Deming kick), 8:01
H: Will Perotti 1 pass from Tanner Brissett, (pass fails), 2:10
Third quarter
A: Ross McDonald 11 run (Deming kick), 5:53
Fourth quarter
A: Moore 6 run (kick wide), 9:21
A: Moore 16 run (Deming kick), 0:27
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Avon – Colin Moore 11-148, Colin Pavano 6-46, Kyle Brady 2-12, Ross McDonald 14-86; Housatonic – Tanner Brissett 27-147, Will Perotti 2-0, Donyell Williams 14-75, Jake Sutterlin 3-13, Marc Wildman 3-6
PASSING: Avon – Colin Pavano 13-20-0, 280; Housatonic – Brissett 4-9-2, 64; Perotti 0-1-0
RECEIVING: Avon – Tyler D’Onofrio 12-263, Colin Moore 1-17; Housatonic – Perotti 3-49, Sutterlin 1-6
Interceptions: Avon – D’Onofrio 1-17, Jimmy Murphy 1-21

Avon 47, Canton 12
At Simsbury
Avon (5-1)13  13  14  7 – 47
Canton (1-5)         0    6    0  6 – 12
First quarter
A: Ross McDonald 52 run (kick failed), 9:01
A: Tyler D’Onofrio 16 pass from Colin Pavano (Kevin Deming kick), 6:14
Second quarter
A: McDonald 22 run (kick wide), 9:29
C: Nick Grabowski 7 run (kick wide), 5:07
A: McDonald 69 run (Deming kick), 4:03
Third quarter
A: McDonald 12 run (Deming kick), 10:44
A: McDonald 41 run (Deming kick), 8:30
Fourth quarter
A: Kyle Brady 43 run (Deming kick), 9:17
C: Nick Quattro 20 pass from Grabowski (no conversion attempted), 0:29
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Avon – Ross McDonald 11-244, Kyle Brady 3-50, Colin Moore 4-44, Colin Pavano 6-31; Canton – Nick Grabowski 25-124, Nick Quattro 5-16, Nate Scott 6-15, Rob Grillo 1-2, Kyle Mullins 3-7
PASSING: Avon – Colin Pavano 3-6-1, 31; Canton – Grabowski 6-13-3, 65
RECEIVING: Avon – Tyler D’Onofrio 3-31; Canton – Quattro 4-51, Scott 1-14, Conner Gavin 1-1
INTERCEPTIONS: Colin Moore (A) 1-0, Ryan Jordan (A) 1-0, Tyler D’Onofrio 1-0; Rob Grillo (C) 1-25; FUMBLE REC: Joseph Murphy (A) 1-0
Penalties: Avon 8-100, Canton 3-25
RETURN YARDS: Kickoffs -- Quatto (C) 6-72; Conner Gavin (C) 1-2; Ross McDonald (A) 1-63; Kyle Brady (A) 1-11; Punts – Tyler D’Onofrio (A) 1-25

Avon 42, Granby 6
At Granby
Avon (4-1)21   7  14  0 – 42
Granby (0-5)0  6    0  0 – 6
First quarter
A: Ross McDonald 35 run (Kevin Deming kick)
A: McDonald 3 run (Deming kick)
A: McDonald 70 run (Deming kick)
Second quarter
G: Chris Brown 7 run (run fails)
A: Tyler D’Onofrio 27 pass from Colin Pavano (Deming kick)
Third quarer
A: Colin Moore 12 run (Deming kick)
A: Pavano 15 run (Deming kick)
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Avon -- Suttmeier 2-8, McDonald 11-152, Colin Moore 5-38, Brady 5-2, Pavano 5-8
PASSING: Avon -- Pavano 9-16-0, 180, 1 TD
RECEIVING: Avon -- D'Onofrio 6-82, Moore 1-52, D'Costa 1-33, Will Destefano 1-13
Interception: Ryan Jordan 1-25
Fumble rec: Joe Murphy 1-0
KO Returns: Moore 1-39, Pavano 1-24
FIELD GOALS: Deming 0-1

Avon 43, Windsor Locks 0
At Windsor Locks
Avon (3-1)  7  7  15  14 – 43
WL/Suff/EG (2-2)  0  0    0    0  -- 0
First quarter
A: Tyler D’Onofrio 43 pass from Colin Pavano (Kevin Deming kick)
Second quarter
A: Ross McDonald 60 run (Deming kick)
Third quarter
A: McDonald 48 run (Colin Moore pass from John Cianci)
A: D’Onofrio 16 pass from Pavano (Deming kick)
Fourth quarter
A: McDonald 34 run (Deming kick)
A: Patrick Driscoll Kelly 10 run (Deming kick)
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Avon -- Ross McDonald 11-204, Colin Pavano 4-33, Colin Moore 4-56, Mitch Cappello 2-14, Patrick Driscoll Kelly 4-24
PASSING: Avon -- Colin Pavano 7-9-0, 148, 2 TDs
RECEIVING: Avon -- Tyler D'Onofrio 5-113, Colin Moore 1-0, Ross McDOnald 1-35
PUNTS: D'Onofrio 1-20
RETURNS: John Cianci (KO) 1-22

Avon 26, Stafford/EW 14
At Avon
Stafford/EW (0-3)   0   0   6  8 -- 14
Avon (2-1)   13  7  0  6 – 26
First quarter
A: Colin Pavano 1 run (Kevin Deming kick), 3:44
A: Tyler D’Onofrio 12 pass from Pavano (kick failed), 2:31
Second quarter
A: D’Onofrio 80 interception returns (Deming kick)
Third quarter
S: Matthew Graham 24 pass from Tim Artuc (kick blocked), 7:00
Fourth quarter
A: Pavano 9 run (kick failed), 2:41
S: Tim Artuc 67 run (Artuc run), 2:18
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Avon – Ross McDonald 2-10, Colin Moore 10-76, Colin Pavano 13-80, Kyle Brady 8-35
PASSING: Avon – Colin Pavano 8-13-0, 75
RECEIVING: Avon – Tyler D’Onofrio 5-64, Viraj D’Costo 2-7, Colin Moore 1-9
Interceptions: Ryan Jordan (A) 2-0
RETURNS: Brady 1-23 (KO), Moore 1-25 (KO), D'Onofrio 1-0 (KO); D'Onofrio 2-19 (punt)

Avon 42, Ellington/Som 13
At Avon
Ellington (0-1)   0     7    6  0 – 13
Avon (1-1)7  14  14  7 – 42
First quarter
A: Tyler D’Onfrio 37 pass from Ross McDonald (Kevin Deming kick), 2:41
Second quarter
A: McDonald 34 run (Deming kick), 11:53
E: Matt Janiga 5 run (Justin Vamvilis kick), 5:44
A: D’Onofrio 10 pass from Colin Pavano (Deming kick), 1:46
Third quarter
A: McDonald 21 run (Deming kick), 8:57
E: Bryan Rider 11 run (kick wide), 5:38
A: McDonald 60 run (Deming kick), 5:11
Fourth quarter
A: D’Onofrio 20 pass from John Cianci (Deming kick), 2:25
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Avon – Ross McDonald 13-136, Kyle Brady 3-41, John Cianci 3-minus 15, Colin Moore 4-0, Colin Pavano 8-26, Jeff Marshall 1-minus 10; Ellington – Joe Lesile 3-6, Justin Vamvilis 8-2, Jake Schneider 4-31, Bryan Rider 3-16, Matt Janiga 12-59, Jason Moustafa 1-1, Jack Quinn 1-6, Mitch Diresta 3-5, Ken Vollaro 1-minus 1
PASSING: Avon --  Colin Pavano 3-7-0, 2, Ross McDonald 1-2-0, 37, John Cianci 1-1-0, 20; Ellington – Bryan Rider 1-1-0, 23; Neal Janiga 0-1-0; Justin Vamvilis 4-12-0, 30
RECEIVING: Avon –  Tyler D’Onofrio 4-64, Colin Moore 1-minus 5; Ellington – Aaron Daley 2-17, Brandon Coverdill 2-13, Jason Moustafa 1-23
Sacks: Sean Coverdill (E) 1-10, Zach Paquette (E) 1-6, Sam Holtzman (A) 1-3
Fumble recovery: Kwinton Profitt (A) 1, Tyler Arnott (A) 1, Tyler D’Onofrio (A) 1
Interceptions: none
Returns: Tyler D’Onofrio (A) 2-25 (punts); Colin Pavano (A) 2-40 (KO) Viraj D'Costa (A) 1-24 (KO), Diresta (E) 1-24 (KO), Moustafa (E) 2-28 (KO), Janiga (E) 2-20 (KO); Aaron Daley (E) 1-19 (KO)
Punting: D'Onofrio (A) 4-165

Hyde 20, Avon 18
At New Haven
Avon (0-1)6 6 0   6 – 18
Hyde (1-0)7 0 0 13 – 20
First quarter
A: Tyler D’Onofrio 16 pass from Colin Pavano (kick blocked)
H: James Baker Howard 1 run (Baker-Howard kick)
Second quarter
A: McDonald 3 run (run fails)
Fourth quarter
A: McDonald 41 run (run fails)
H: Patrick Davidson 1 run, 7:37
H: Davidson 1 run, 0:17
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Avon – Tyler D’Onofrio 1-8, Ross McDonald 22-111, Colin Moore 2-2, Colin Pavano 5-9, Sean Smith 3-4; Hyde – James Baker Howard 2-0, Gary Ormond 18-159, Issac Bradley 6-13, Patrick Davidson 23-106
PASSING: Avon – Colin Pavano 8-13-1, 161; Hyde – James Baker Howard 2-6-0, 28
RECEIVING: Avon – Tyler D’Onofrio 7-159, Colin Moore 1-2; Hyde – Shaquille Eddy 1-15, Bradley 1-13
FUMBLE REC: Steve Griffin; SACK: Tyler Arnott
Pequot Conference
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State football coverage

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2007 Avon
Little Baseball wins D6 title

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McDonald, D'Onofrio named to All-State team
AVON, Dec. 27 -- Pequot Conference Uncas Division champion Avon had two players earn All-State status this fall. Running back Ross McDonald and receiver Tyler D’Onofrio were selected to the CHSCA’s Class L squad. For McDonald, it is his second straight year on the CHSCA All-State team.
Avon Football Online, Dec. 27: McDonald, D'Onofrio named to All-State team

Six Falcons earn All-Pequot honors
AVON, Dec. 13 – The Falcons had six players selected as members of the All-Pequot Conference team. Running back Ross McDonald, wide receiver Tyler D’Onofrio, placekicker Kevin Deming and utility player Colin Pavano were named to the All-Pequot squad along with defensive back Ryan Jordan and defensive end Tyler Arnott.

McDonald ran for a team-leading 1,254 yards and 20 TDs while D'Onofrio set new single season school records with 51 receptions for 974 yards and 12 TDs. Deming, in his first year as a kicker, had 37 extra points and a field goal.

In his first year as a starting QB, Pavano completed 62 of 113 passes for 1,106 yards, 10 TDs and four interceptions.

Defensively, Jordan had five interceptions and 67 tackles. Arnott had a team-high 2.5 sacks, recovered a fumble, blocked a field goal and had 49 tackles.

Not enough help for Avon to qualify
AVON, Nov. 25 – The Avon High football needed some help to earn a spot in the CIAC playoffs for the third straight year. They got some but not enough as they finished 10th in the Class L rankings. The top eight qualify for the playoffs. Platt High beat Meriden but the Falcons needed wins from Ansonia and Darien and that didn’t happen. A review of the key games from Thursday.
Naugatuck 38, Ansonia 20: QB Eric Broadrick completed 14 of 20 passes for 301 yards and 2 TDs as the Greyhounds beat Ansonia before 4,000 fans at Jarvis Stadium for the first time since 1986 to win its first NVL title since 2001.
New Canaan 42, Darien 14: On Saturday, Darien won the FCIAC title by beating Trumbull. On Thursday, the four-time defending MM champion Rams rolled as Kevin Macari scored on a 78 yard punt return, a 78-yard pass reception and threw a TD pass.
Platt 26, Maloney 6: Henry Jackson ran for 3 TDs and 145 yards to lead Platt at Falcon Field.
Wethersfield 34, Newington 27: The Eagles clinched their first-ever CIAC playoff berth with a win. Wethersfield’s Chris Lesure ran for 98 yards and a TD in the second half. Two key interceptions stopped Newington in the second half.
Bristol Eastern 35, Bristol Central 0: Matt Yopp ran for 3 TDs and 49 yards to lead Eastern into the playoffs. Dylon Ouellette ran for 208 yards and TD for Eastern.
North Haven 40, Amity 24: Brandon McLane scored 3 TDs as North Haven jumped out to a 27-3 halftime lead and qualified for the Class L playoffs.

Avon is the Pequot Uncas champion
AVON, Nov. 23 – The Falcons are the Pequot Conference Uncas Division champions. The first tiebreaker is head-to-head competition and Avon (8-2, 8-1 Uncas) beat Enfield earlier this year, 36-20. Enfield (7-2, 7-1) can finish tied with Avon with a win over Granby on Thanksgiving. The 2010 overall Pequot Conference champion is Valley Regional (10-0, 9-0 Sassachus). The divisional champion with the best overall record is crowned league champion. Valley was 10-0 in the league while Avon was 8-2.

Still breathing,
but barely
AVON, Nov. 22 -- The Avon High football is still in the hunt for a Class L playoff berth but just barely. The Falcons (8-2) are seeded 10th with the top eight teams qualifying for post-season play. Some losses could open up an opportunity for Avon. Strange things sometimes happen with high school players in the season-ending game on Thanksgiving. Here are some games to keep an eye on.
Ansonia (9-0) vs. No. 5 Naugatuck (8-1): Falcons hope that Ansonia wins another NVL championship.
No. 9 New Canaan (8-1) vs. No. 2 Darien (9-0): Avon would like to see Darien cement its FCIAC championship with a victory over the four-time defending Class MM champions.
No. 7 Maloney (8-1) vs. Platt (7-2): Falcons rooting for Platt to prevail in this battle of Meriden. Maloney's only loss this year was a forfeit due to an ineligible player.
No. 4 Wethersfield (8-1) vs. Newington (0-9): A Newington win would be nice for Avon but that's not going to happen.
No. 6 North Haven (8-1) vs. Amity (4-5): Falcons need the upset here.
No. 8 Bristol Eastern (8-1) vs. Bristol Central (1-8): Chances of Central pulling off the upset are small but city rivalry games are sometimes hard to predict.
Follow the points race here at the CIAC site.

Stinging win for Gilbert over Avon
AVON, Nov. 20 – Sometimes, we forget that this high school football played by boys whose ages range from 15 to 18. Gilbert/Northwestern pulled off one of the biggest upsets in a while with a stunning 7-0 victory over Avon Saturday that likely knocks the Falcons (8-2, 8-1 Pequot Uncas) out of the CIAC Class L tournament.

Kyle Jones scored on a two-yard run in the second quarter for the Yellowjackets with 5:38 remaining in the second quarter. Devon Molway led Gilbert with 94 yards on 22 carries while freshman John Lippincott intercepted two passes.

Avon, which had averaged 391 yards and 37.8 points a game, was shutout and held to 131 yards of total offense. It was the first shutout of Avon since dropping a 21-0 decision Cromwell in the 2008 opener. It was Gilbert's first win over Avon since a 7-6 win in 1995.

“We had a game plan and the players went out and executed it to perfection,” Gilbert coach Scott Salius told Litchfield County Sports. “But nowhere in my wildest dreams did I think we would shut them out. I thought it might end up a high- scoring affair.”

Avon drove the ball to the Gilbert 10 yard line early in the fourth quarter but the drive stalled on the eight-yard line. A 31-yard field goal attempt by Kevin Deming was wide to the right.

Gilbert's defensive coordinator Jeff Rines helped draw up the plans to beat Avon.
“We studied Avon on film for weeks,” Rines tole the Register Citizen. “For every tendency, we had a defensive scheme in mind and the players executed the plan to perfection.” Drew McCarthy had seven tackles for Gilbert while teammate J.P. Duluc had 7 tackles and a sack. Charlie Shea had six tackles and a sack.
Litchfield County Sports, Nov. 20: Gilbert defense stands tall in stunning win over Avon

Falcons clinch share of fourth straight Uncas title
AVON, Nov. 13 – It didn’t faze the Falcons that their opponent, Coventry/Windham Tech, had won six of its seven previous games and was undefeated in the Uncas Division. Avon ran the ball well and played solid defense to clinch a share of its fourth straight Uncas Division championship with a 38-13 victory over the Patriots on a beautiful, warm November afternoon.

“The last three or four weeks we’ve been getting better every week which I like to see,” Avon coach Brett Quinion said. “We’re clicking on a lot of things. For the things we didn’t do well, give credit to Coventry. They were 6-0 (in the Uncas Division) for a reason.”

Avon (8-1, 8-0 Pequot Uncas) won its eighth straight and 34th consecutive Uncas Division contest dating back to 2006. Avon can claim the title outright with a victory in their regular season home finale against Gilbert/Northwestern (6-2, 5-2 Pequot Uncas) on Saturday at noon at the high school. A win over the Yellowjackets will likely clinch a spot for Avon in the CIAC playoffs for the third straight year.

Sophomore back Colin Moore and senior All-State back Ross McDonald scored two touchdowns each while senior receiver Tyler D’Onofrio extended his own school record with his 12th touchdown reception of the season.

The Falcons took a quick 14-0 lead in the first quarter. After a 30-yard punt from Coventry, Avon took over at the Falcon 36-yard line. They scored five plays later when D’Onofrio caught a 12-yard touchdown pass in the back of the end zone from quarterback Colin Pavano.

Avon’s second touchdown came on an 11-play, 65-yard drive capped off with a one-yard run by McDonald. A big play on the drive was D’Onofrio’s 20-yard reception from Pavano.

Coventry/Windham Tech (6-2, 6-1 Pequot Uncas) cut the lead to 14-7 when Tom Myers scored on a 59-yard touchdown pass from halfback Justin Lindinger.
But Moore responded on Avon’s next play with a 55-yard touchdown run, racing around the left end into open space for a 21-7 halftime lead.

Avon extended the lead to 24-7 when Kevin Deming, five-for-five with extra points, hit his second field goal of the season from 37 yards.

Falcons can clinch share of title with win over Coventry/Windham Tech
AVON, Nov. 10 – With two games left to go, Avon finds itself controlling their own destiny. With wins against Coventry/Windham Tech on Saturday and against Gilbert/Northwestern Regional on Nov. 20, the Falcons (7-1, 7-0) can win their fourth straight Pequot Conference Uncas Division championship. Avon will clinch a share of the title with a win over Coventry (6-1, 6-0). In the CIAC playoff race, Avon remains seventh in the Class L rankings. The top eight teams qualify for the playoffs beginning Tuesday, Nov. 30.

In the CIAC statistics, Avon is ranked seventh in the state in rushing, averaging 263.1 yards a game and seventh in scoring, averaging 37.8 points. With 1,121 yards rushing this season, Ross McDonald is the third Avon runner in the last decade to run for over 1,000 yards twice. Mike D’Onofrio (2007-08) and John Rowley (2005-06) also ran for 1,000 yards in back-to-back seasons. Receiver Tyler D’Onofrio has set new school records for most receptions (45), yards (861) and touchdowns (11) in a single season with two games remaining.

Avon rallies
to beat Enfield
ENFIELD, Nov. 5 – Sophomore Colin Moore ran a game-high 162 yards and scored three touchdowns, including two in the fourth quarter, as Avon won its seventh straight game with a 36-20 win over Enfield Friday night. After Enfield tied the game at 14-14 midway through the third quarter, Avon scored 22 unanswered points. In a span of less than two minutes, Ross McDonald scored on a 68-yard run and Moore zipped through the Enfield line for an 84-yard score – the longest run for a touchdown this year for the Falcons.

The victory leaves Avon (7-1, 7-0 Uncas) in first place in the Pequot Conference’s Uncas Division while Enfield (5-2, 5-1) slips into third place behind Coventry/Windham Tech (6-1, 6-0), who the Falcons host next Saturday. It was the first of three games against teams with winning records to close out the regular season for Avon.

Avon led 17-14 when Enfield took over and marched 39 yards to the Falcon 32-yard line. But on fourth down and two, Enfield’s Tyler Spence fumbled the snap and was stopped for no gain enabling Avon to take over on downs.

On the next play, McDonald was able to get some blocking, cut back inside and escaped into open space for a 68-yard touchdown run and a 24-14 Falcon lead with 10:14 left in regulation.

Two plays later, Ryan Jordan intercepted a pass from Eric Gernux, who was under heavy pressure. Two plays later, Moore got the ball, cut inside and took off to the outside for a 84-yard touchdown run and a 30-14 lead with 8:47 left.

“We had to go toe-to-toe with them and draw them in,” Avon coach Brett Quinion said. “When you get all of those bodies in tight, you can start running some of those power plays and obviously, Colin (Moore) and Ross (McDonald) were able to break some tackles.”
Collinsville Press, Nov. 5: Two quick TD runs spark Avon past Enfield in fourth quarter

Enfield parent thanks Avon fans for their kind words, sportsmanship
ENFIELD, Nov. 5 -- Enfield RB Andrew Buanno ran for 111 yards against Avon Friday night, scoring 3 TDs, two on the ground and one through the air (74-yard reception). Still, Avon beat Enfield, 36-20. After the game, many Avon parents congratulated Buanno on a fine game. “It was very nice to see the sportsmanship from the parents in such a competitive environment,” said John Buanno, Andrew’s father, in a post at Avon Football Online’s Facebook page. “We all have to remember its supposed to be fun.”  See the entire post on our Facebook page.

Record-setting day for D'Onofrio, Pavano
Falcons soar
past Housatonic
AVON, Oct. 30 – Avon High receiver Tyler D’Onofrio and quarterback Colin Pavano each set new single game school records as the Falcons (6-1, 6-0 Pequot Uncas) won their sixth straight game with a 48-12 win over Housatonic/Wamogo. Pavano completed 13-of-20 passes for a school-record 280 yards and one touchdown. D’Onofrio set new records with 12 receptions for 263 yards and one TD.

Despite the victory, Avon High coach Brett Quinion was disappointed that the Mountaineers were able to move the ball on the Falcons, rushing for 241 yards. “The step forward we took last week, we gave up this week,” he said. “Defensively, they pushed us around the field.”

Avon sophomore Colin Moore ran for a career-high 148 yards on 11 carries and scored four touchdowns, including one on a 50-yard run late in the first quarter. “We made some great plays through the air,” Quinion said. “Colin Pavano played just an outstanding game along with Tyler.”

Pavano’s 280 yards of passing broke the record set by Barry Shelly, who threw for 221 yards against Housatonic in 1969. D’Onofrio broke the record for most receptions, previously held by Dave Lindsay, who caught nine receptions against Griswold in 1971. D’Onofrio broke his own record for most yards receiving. He had 159 yards on seven catches in the season opening game against Hyde earlier this year.

Avon moves within range of playoff bid
AVON, Oct. 26 -- After six weeks, Avon moved up to No. 11 in the CIAC’s Class L playoff rankings. The top eight qualify for the playoffs. The Falcons will have a chance at the playoffs as long as they keep winning. Team earn points for each victory they receive and get bonus points for each win earned by a team they have beaten. The final three teams that Avon will play (Enfield, Coventry and Gilbert) have combined to win 15 games already.
NOTABLE -- The Avon Booster Club will dedicate the benches in memory of the late Donald Schroder before Saturday's game with Housatonic at the high school.
2010 CIAC playoff points

McDonald runs for 5 TDs, 244 yards in big win over CHS
SIMSBURY, Oct. 23 – All-State running back Ross McDonald ran for a season-high 244 yards and tied the school record that he shares with four other players by scoring five touchdowns in a single game as Avon (5-1, 5-0 Pequot Uncas) rolled to its fifth straight win with a 47-12 victory over Canton played Saturday night at Simsbury High.

The Falcons intercepted three passes and recovered a fumble. Colin Moore rushed for 44 yards on four carries for Avon while receiver Tyler D’Onfroio caught three passes for 31 yards and a touchdown. D’Onofrio also intercepted a pass and ran back a punt 25 yards.

With his 9th TD reception of the season, D’Onofrio tied the school’s single season record. D’Onofrio and Andy Roell (2007) have each caught nine TD passes in one season. D’Onofrio is still one TD reception shy of tying Roell’s career mark of 14.
Collinsville Press, Oct. 23: Best game so far for Avon in win over Canton

Watch the game on You Tube
First half from Friends of Canton Football
2nd half from Friends of Canton Football

Falcons roll past young Granby
GRANBY, Oct. 16 – Ross McDonald ran for 3 TDs and 152 yards on 11 carries to lead the Falcons (4-1, 4-0 Pequot Uncas) to a 42-6 victory over Granby in the first-ever meeting between the two schools in football. Tyler D’Onofrio caught six passes for 82 yards including a 27-yard touchdown pass from Colin Pavano. Granby is playing its first season of varsity football this fall.

McDonald, D'Onofrio lead Avon past Raiders
WINDSOR LOCKS, Oct. 9 – For the fifth time in his career, All-State running back Ross McDonald ran for over 200 yards in Avon’s 43-0 shutout victory over Windsor Locks/Suffield/East Granby on Saturday. McDonald rushed for 204 yards and 3 TDs on 11 carries.

Tyler D’Onofrio caught five passes for 113 yards and 2 TDs for Avon (3-1, 3-0 Pequot Uncas) while QB Colin Pavano was 7-of-9 for 148 yards and 2 TDs. Pavano also rushed for 33 yards on four carries. Teammate Colin Moore ran for 56 yards on four carries. D’Onofrio also had an interception.

The win was Avon’s fourth straight over Windsor Locks (2-2, 1-2 Pequot Uncas) and 16th in 19 games.

Despite victory, better effort from Falcons is sought
AVON, Oct. 2 –  Senior Tyler D’Onofrio and Colin Pavano each scored two touchdowns as the Falcons beat Stafford/East Windsor, 26-14, before a Homecoming crowd under portable light at the high school. D’Onofrio scored on a 12-yard TD pass from Pavano and on an 80-yard interception return – the third longest such TD in school history. Pavano scored on runs of 1 and 9 yards.

Avon improved to 2-1 but the Falcon coaching staff was hoping for a better performance. Head coach Brett Quinion wasn’t necessarily looking for additional points, which are always welcome. But he was looking for and expecting better play from his team.

“We’re struggling badly,”  Quinion said. “We’re not executing well in any offensive set, running or throwing. I expected a lot more out of us.”

By the third week of the season, Quinion and his staff have a certain expectation of growth and performance from their players. Against a smaller and less experienced team such as Stafford, sloppy footwork, half-hearted blocking and poor technique wasn’t too much of a problem. It will hurt them against a better team.

All-State running back Ross McDonald played very little, gaining 10 yards on two carries. He was cleared to play this week after suffering a concussion a week earlier. But the Falcons limited his playing time just to be safe.

Avon took a 7-0 lead on a one-yard run by Pavano with 3:44 left in the first quarter. Less than a minute later, it was 13-0 after D’Onofrio caught his fifth TD pass of the season on a 12-yard reception from Pavano. The extra point kick from Kevin Deming was no good.

Avon made it 20-0 with D’Onofrio’s 80-yard interception return and Deming’s extra point with 10:11 left in the first half. It was the third longest interception return for a TD in school history. The record of 97 yards was set in 1997 by Matt Keefe against Stafford. Walt Moore returned an interception 95 yards in 1962 against Wilton.
GAME PHOTOS from Dr. Paul Tortland

Collinsville Press, Oct. 2: Despite win, coaches looking for a more consistent effort

Three TDs each for McDonald, D'Onofrio in win
AVON, Sept. 25 – The Falcons didn’t look particularly sharp in Saturday’s 42-13 season opening victory over Ellington/Somers. Offensively, nine plays went for a loss. But how sharp do you need to look? Ross McDonald rushed for a game-high 136 yards and three TDs on 13 carries while receiver Tyler D’Onofrio became just the second player in school history to catch three TD passes in one game. Dave Lindsay caught 4 TD passes in a 1971 game against Griswold.

Many players were sick this week and practice wasn’t crisp at all. McDonald didn’t practice until Friday and the humid conditions sapped some life out of many  Falcon players. Still, Avon had the talent to prevail. Avon also forced five Ellington fumbles, recovering three.

On Avon’s second drive of the game, the Falcons faced fourth down and eight on the Ellington 47. McDonald lined up at QB and lofted a pass to D’Onofrio, who beat his defender for a 37-yard TD reception and a 7-0 lead. After recovering a Ellington fumble, McDonald scored on a 34-yard run for a 14-0 lead. The Falcons recovered another fumble with 2:34 left in the second half and scored two plays later on a 10-yard pass to D’Onofrio from QB Colin Pavano.

Avon scored on its first drive of the second half (8 plays, 56 yards) on McDonald’s 19-yard run for a 28-7 lead. Late in the third quarter, McDonald was leveled by Ellington’s Ken Vollaro while trying to catch a pass. The Falcon coaches were furious, claiming that Vollaro led with his helmet. But on the next play, McDonald raced around the end for a 60-yard TD run.

D’Onofrio (4-64) caught his third TD pass from John Cianci, outleaping a Ellington defender in the end zone.
PHOTOS from Dr. Paul Tortland
UPDATE: Upon further review, McDonald gained 136 yards on 13 carries. Our original totals (161) were compiled on game day but coach Brett Quinion checked out the game tape later in the week to verify Ross' performance of 136 yards.

Canton vs. Avon under the lights in Simsbury
AVON, Sept. 23 -- The Falcons will play a third night game when they face Canton for the first time under the lights on Sat. Oct. 23 at Simsbury High at 7 p.m. The game is Canton's home game and will provide the anticipated large crowd with plenty of room to watch the action.

Relentless Hyde beats Avon with TD in final minute
NEW HAVEN, Sept. 18 – Defending Class S champion Hyde was relentless and rallied from an 11-point fourth quarter deficit to beat Avon, 20-18 at Bowen Field. The Howling Wolves scored twice in the final eight minutes, scoring on a one-yard touchdown run from Patrick Davidson with 17 seconds left in regulation.

With Hyde trailing by four, 18-14, the Wolves forced an Avon punt with 7:31 remaining when they sacked Falcon QB Colin Pavano for an eight-yard loss. That moved Avon back to its own 39-yard line. Hyde took over at the Falcon 49 and slowly but steadily marched toward the end zone.

“We knew, eventually, we were going to get a break,” Davidson told the New Haven Register. “We were going to get that one good run that was going to go for so many yards. We just had to keep running the ball down their throats, making them want to quit.” Davidson’s winning score capped off a 12-play drive.

Avon (0-1) took a 6-0 lead in the first quarter on a 16-yard TD pass from Pavano to Tyler D’Onofrio. The extra point was missed. Hyde took a 7-6 lead but McDonald put Avon back on top with a 3-yard run for a 12-7 lead. In the opening seconds of the fourth quarter, McDonald’s 41-yard run gave Avon an 18-7 lead.

D’Onofrio set a new single-game record for most yards receiving with 159 yards on seven catches. He broke the 39-year old record of 150 yards set by David Lindsay against Griswold in 1971.
New Haven Register, Sept. 19: Hyde rallies to beat Avon in a thriller

PHOTOS: Game photos

Big challenge for Avon on opening day
AVON, Sept. 16 – The two best teams in the Pequot Conference a year ago face each other on opening day Saturday at 1:30 p.m. in New Haven when Avon faces defending Class S champion Hyde Leadership. Both won their respective Pequot divisional titles a year ago and qualified for the CIAC playoffs. “They are a tremendous program and very athletic,” Avon coach Brett Quinion said. Avon is 0-2 against Hyde and 1-5 in games against defending state champions.
Hyde 2010 preview

Opening day milestones
Record: 26-24
Biggest win: '76, Avon 42, Pomperaug 0
Last win: 2009, Avon 44, Coventry/Windham Tech 29
Biggest defeat: 1999, Windsor 40, Avon 0
Note: Avon’s 44-29 win over Coventry/Windham Tech last year was its first opening day victory since 2004.

Website begins 9th season of coverage
AVON, Sept. 15 – Avon Football Online celebrates its eighth anniversary today as we begin coverage of our ninth year of Avon High football. Since we first debuted on Sept. 15, 2002, we have been sharing the victories, losses and challenges surrounding the Falcon football program with professional stories and photography. One of the oldest continuing high school football websites in Connecticut, we added a Facebook page last September to provide additional access and information to our readers and a platform to interact with each other.

Avon goes undefeated in preseason
AVON, Sept. 14 – The Falcons had four scrimmages this preseason and won all four, beating Gilbert, 2-1, Tolland, 2-0, Simsbury, 3-1 and Prince Tech, 5-1. The scores were touchdowns. “I am pleased with the progress of the team,” Avon coach Brett Quinion said. “It’s been an exhausting analysis with so many players. With so many positions open, we’ve had some terrific internal competition.  We have had great attitude so far and everyone is working hard.”

Falcons aim for fourth straight Uncas crown
AVON, Sept. 11 – Avon High football coach Brett Quinion knows there will be players on his team that rise to the challenge this fall. He just isn’t sure who those players will be. Only four starters return from last year’s squad that was just the second in school history to finish the regular season undefeated (10-0) and qualified for the Class M semifinals for the second straight year.

Senior All-State running back Ross McDonald, who set new school records for touchdowns (35), points scored (214) and yards rushing (1,974) in a single season, returns along with two-time All-Pequot Conference receiver/safety Tyler D’Onofrio (38 receptions, 554 yards, 2 TDs career) and senior Colin Pavano (All-Pequot) and lineman Clint Wallburg. Pavano will start at quarterback.

“We’ve had some great competition in practice,” said Quinion, an Avon High graduate who is beginning his eighth year behind the bench. “There are so many pieces of the puzzle for us to put together on both sides of the ball. There are a lot of kids who are real close (to each other in terms of talent and skill).”

You could call this Avon’s golden age of football. The Falcons have won three straight Pequot Uncas Division titles and have gone 28-5 in the last three years – the best stretch of success in the program’s 50-year history.
Avon is looking for a fourth straight Uncas title.

“We have plenty of size and plenty of kids,” Quinion said. “We should be able to get it done. There is no reason to believe we can’t do it.”

The Falcons get a stiff test in game one when they take on defending Class S champion Hyde in New Haven, always a hard-hitting and quick squad. And in week two, Avon hosts Ellington/Somers in its home opener, a team that hopes to contend for an Uncas Division title.

“We are a very different team from last year in many ways,” Quinion said. “We are still molding what we run on a daily basis. We need to find what we can do well and what we can run consistently. The teams that can be consistent week in and week out will be there in the end.

“We have a couple of exceptional players that we will be leaning heavily on,” he added. “We must stay healthy and we also need to develop all of our players so that they will be ready when they are called upon.”

Avon '10 preview capsule
Coach: Brett Quinion, 8th year (42-31)
Last year: 10-1, 8-0 Pequot Uncas champions. Lost in Class M semifinals to Berlin, 35-28
Key losses: Eighteen starters including QB Andrew Livingstone (62-102, 934 yards, 9 TDs), WR Vince Savarese (34-670, 6 TDs), All-State K Austin Kick (48 PAT, 5 FG), DT Mike Burton, LB Dan Matthews, C Chris Rogers, G Sonny Portelance
Top players: Seniors: All-State FB Ross McDonald, QB Colin Pavano, WR/DB Tyler D’Onofrio, DB John Cianci, DE Kevin Deming, lineman Clint Wellberg, Brad Lewis, Jason Connor, Flanker Viraj D’Costa; Juniors: George Kostal (nose tackle), DE Kwinton Proffit, Zach Coleman, Martin Bugwid, Tyler Arnott; LB Sean Smith; Sophomores: HB Colin Moore, LB Joey Murphy, TE Will Destefano
Outlook: With just four starters returning, this is a team that will have to prove itself. Offensively, the Falcons have good size but aren’t as strong and will have to rely on precision play. Avon should be a contender to win its fourth straight Uncas Division title
Noteable: A year ago, Avon set a new school record for most points scored in a single season (440).

Three scrimmages set for Falcons
AVON, Aug. 30 -- The Falcons have three scrimmages set to get prepared for the 2010 campaign. Avon will be at Simsbury on Wednesday, Sept. 1 for a six-team jamboree beginning at 3:30 p.m. Avon will host Prince Tech of Hartford on Tuesday, Sept. 7, at 4 p.m. at home and conclude its exhibition campaign with a scrimmage with Wolcott Tech on Saturday, Sept. 11 at the high school at 10:30 a.m.

Avon has largest school in league
AVON, July 10 -- The enrollment figures are out for schools playing football in the Pequot Conference. This fall, Avon will have the most boys in grades 9-12 of the 20 schools in the league. Avon will have 563 boys in the school, an increase of 28 from a year ago. The co-op team of Windsor Locks/Suffield/East Granby remains No. 2 with 556 students with Coventry/Windham Tech moving up one spot to No. 3 with 511 students. Most schools in the league lost students. Of the 16 schools returning to the league this year, only six (Avon, Canton, Wolcott Tech, Cromwell, Valley Regional, Stafford) had enrollments go up.
2010 enrollments and
more Pequot Conference news

Four teams join Pequot in 2010
AVON, February 11 -- Granby, Lewis Mills and Coginchaug will make their varsity debuts in 2010 as three new varsity teams join the Pequot Conference this fall. With the addition of Sports Science Medicine Academy from Hartford, the Pequot will have 21 teams in 2010 with 10 teams each in the Uncas and Sassacus Divisions. Each team will play nine games in their division and one game against a Sassacus Division team.
Uncas Division – Avon, Ellington/Somers, Coventry/Windham Tech, Gilbert/Northwestern, Enfield, Canton, Stafford/East Windsor, Housatonic/Wamogo, Windsor Locks/Suffield and Granby
Sassacus Division – Hyde, Cromwell, Coginchaug, Valley Regional/Old Lyme, North Branford; Haddam-Killingworth; Morgan, Wolcott Tech, Old Saybrook/Westbrook, Lewis Mills
Independent – Sports Science Medicine Academy.
More 2010 Pequot Conference news

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Pequot Conference 2010
Game stories
In 2010, Avon won its fourth straight Pequot Conference Uncas Division championship and  posted its fourth straight winning season. In the last four years, Avon is 36-7 -- by far the best four-stretch in school history.