New scoreboard installed at football field
AVON, Aug. 17 -- A new scoreboard has been installed, replacing an older scoreboard that was installed in the 1980s and that had become unreliable. It is part of the Falcon Facility Campaign from the Avon High Booster Club that has been soliciting donations to install a new scoreboard and build a new press facility at the football field.

The new, proposed press box will be ADA (American Disability Act) compliant so all students and adults can utilize this resource. It will also provide working space for the public address announcer, who now uses a school desk in the grandstand. The old tower was torn down several years ago because it was leaking and access was limited to climbing a series of ladders in the tower. For more information, click on the following link or contact Sarah Roberson at
Avon Booster Club
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2011 Avon High football schedule
Fri. Sept. 16    Avon 30, Stafford/East Windsor 7
Fri. Sept. 23    Coventry/Windham Tech, 26, Avon 21
Sat. Oct. 1      Avon 36, SMSA/University 6
Thurs. Oct. 6   Avon 31, Canton 0
Sat. Oct. 15    Gilbert/Northwestern 20, Avon 10
Sat. Oct. 22    Avon 39, Granby 0
Sat. Oct. 29    Avon 17, Housatonic/Wamogo, 14, 2 OT
Thur. Nov. 10   Avon 20, Enfield 7
Mon. Nov. 14   Ellington/Somers 14, Avon 5
Sat. Nov. 19    Avon 39, Windsor Locks/Suffield/EG 12
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2011 record
7-3 Pequot Uncas
7-3 overall
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State football record book
Click here for the 2011 Connecticut High School Football record book.
Individual leaders
FINAL, 2011 season
RUSHING    Att-Yds      TDs
Moore       302-2206      23
Cappello     25-150        0
Gilmore         5-96          1
Smith           31-84          0
JimMurphy  16-56          0
Ptrck-Driscll  17-38        0
Suttmeir         7-7            0
Putnam         2-7             0
Logan            4-3             0
Barats            1-1             0
Gauthier        2-0             0
Griffin             1-0             0
Proffit             1-0             0
Hahn              3-(-7)         0

Moore          22-61-6    332    5
Hahn              4-21-3      63    0

DiStefano  11-174    3
Dully             7-106
Suttmeir        4-48      2
Reichler        2-58
Smith             2-9

                TDs PAT 2pt  Pts
Moore      23-0     0   19  188**
DiStefano 0-3     6     0     30***
Suttmeier  0-2     0     0     12
Gauthier    0-0     0     0     6*
Gilmore     1-0     0     0     6
Smith         0-0     0      1    2
JimMurphy 0-0    0     0     2****
Curry          0-0     0     0     2****
*Kickoff return for TD
**Interception return for TD, punt return for TD
***Two field goals

FIELD GOALS (2): DiStefano 23, 28
PUNTING:  DiStefano 15-531 (avg. 35.4)
PATs:  DiStefano 6-8

Return yardage
KICKOFFS: Jimmy Murphy 7-186, Gauthier 4-137, Moore 3-38, Graham Welker 2-33, Stephen Griffin 2-27 Sean Smith 1-0, Austin Curry 1-5
PUNTS: Moore 9-157, Driscoll-Kelly 10-131

Interceptions (11): Colin Moore 2-35, Jeff Marshall 2-0, Stephen Griffin 1-18, Patrick Driscoll-Kelly 1-0, Joey Murphy 1-0, Jimmy Murphy 1-2, Mitch Gauthier 2-0, Gavin Okray 1-0
Fumble recovery (5): Joe Murphy. Jimmy Murphy. Michael Pinkerton, George Kostal, Bobby Dully
SACKS (16.5): Jimmy Murphy 9.5-78, Kwinton Proffitt 2-15, Curry 2-18, Dupee 1.5-16, Joe Murphy 1-8, Arnott 0.5-5
Blocked FG (0):
TACKLES: Jimmy Murphy 135 tackles for 223 points; Joey Murphy   82 tackles for 124 points; Steven Griffin 61-95, Mitch Gauthier 51-91, Chappy Wingo 57-82, Kwinton Proffit 58-80, Austin Curry 52-74, Sean Smith 41-63, Patrick Driscoll Kelly 26-54, Kyle Hanushak 36-52, George Kostal 38-48

Pequot Conference 2011

Avon 39, Windsor Locks 12
At Avon
Avon (7-3)   7  8  24  0  -- 39
Wind. Locks (1-8)   0  6    0  6  -- 12
First Quarter
A: Colin Moore 11 run (Will DiStefano kick)
Second Quarter
WL: Tristan Cauley 1 run (run failed)
A: Moore 30 run (Moore run)
Third Quarter
A: Moore 80 run (Moore run)
A: DiStefano 26 pass from Moore (Moore run)
A: Moore 17 run (Moore run)
Fourth Quarter
WL: Jeremy Voyer 7 run (run failed)
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Avon – Colin Moore 22-261, Mitch Cappello 3-5, Jimmy Murphy 1-6, Sean Smith 3-3, Jackson Putnam 2-7, Patrick Logan 1-3, Kwinton Proffit 1-0, Noah Gilmore 3-1
PASSING: Avon – Colin Moore 2-5-0, 35; Noah Hahn 0-2-0
RECEIVING: Avon – Chris Suttmeier 1-9, Will DiStefano 1-26
RETURNS: Avon – Colin Moore 3-41 (punts), Patrick Driscoll-Kelly 2-51 (punts); Mitch Gauthier 1-11 (kickoffs), Steven Griffin 1-20 (kickoffs)
INTERCEPTIONS: Gavin Okray 1-0; FUM RECOVERY: Kyle Hanuschak, Joey Murphy

Ellington/Somers 14,
Avon 5
At Enfield
Avon (6-3)3  0  2  0  -- 5
Ellington (8-0)    0  7  0  7  -- 14
First Quarter
A: Will DiStefano 28 FG
Second Quarter
E: Jason Moustafa 2 run (Mitch Cobb kick)
Third Quarter
A: Safety. Austin Curry tackles Mitch DiResta in end zone
Fourth Quarter
E: Bryan Rider 2 run (Cobb kick), 5:20
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Avon -- Colin Moore 30-154, Steven Griffin 1-0, Mitch Cappello 1-0, Jimmy Murphy 2-10
PASSING: Avon -- Colin Moore 2-8-1, 28
RECEIVING: Avon  -- Bobby Dully 1-1, Justin Reichler 1-27
RETURNS: Kickoffs -- Jim Murphy 1-22, Mitch Gauthier 1-20, Graham Welter 1-11
PUNTING: DiStefano 2-59; INTERCEPTIONS: Mitch Gauthier 1-0

Avon 20, Enfield 7
At Enfield
Avon (6-2)0  13  7  0  -- 20
Enfield (5-3)       0    0  7  0  -- 7
Second quarter
A: Colin Moore 43 punt return (Will DiStefano kick)
A: Moore 3 run (kick failed)
Third quarter
A: Moore 5 run (DiStefano kick)
E: T.J. Diggs 23 pass from Tony Romano (Anthony Trotta kick)
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Avon -- Patrick Driscoll Kelly 5-23, Mitch Cappello 3-13, Jimmy Murphy 2-8, Noah Hanh 1-minus 12; Colin Moore 41-269
PASSING: Avon -- Moore 0-3-0, Hahn 1-1-0, 12
RECEIVING: Avon -- Bobby Dully 1-12
PUNTING: Will DiStefano 1-41
RETURNS: Punts -- Colin Moore (A) 2-72; Kickoffs -- Jimmy Murphy (A) 1-53
INTERCEPTIONS: Mitch Gauther (A) 1-0

Avon 17, Housatonic 14
At Falls Village
Avon (5-2)0  0  8  0  6  3 -- 17
Housatonic (4-2) 0  0  8  0  6  0 -- 14
Third quarter
H: John Haddon 40 fumble return (Jake Sutterlin run)
A: Colin Moore 1 run (Moore run)
First OT
A: Moore 5 run (run fails)
H: Sutterlin 2 run (run fails)
Second OT
A: Will DiStefano 23 FG
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Housatonic – Sutterlin 34-151, Jake Foley 5-18, Donyell Williams 3-7, Forrest Hayden 1-10, Will Perotti 1-2; Avon – Colin Moore 44-233, Sean Smith 4-6, Mitch Cappello 1-5, Jimmy Murphy 2-0, Chris Suttmeier 1-0
PASSING: Housatonic – Perotti 1-2-1, 8; Sutterlin 0-2-0; Avon – Moore 2-7-1, 27
RECEIVING: Housatonic: Foley 1-8; Avon – DiStefano 2-27
RETURNS: Kickoffs – Steven Griffin (A) 1-7, Jimmy Murphy (A) 1-16; Punts – Moore (A) 1-2
FUMBLE REC: Kwinton Proffit (A) 2; INTERCEPTIONS: Patrick Driscoll-Kelly (A) 1-0

Avon 39, Granby 0
At Avon
Granby (1-5)         0  0  0  0 – 0
Avon (4-2)32  0  0  7 – 39
First Quarter
A: Colin Moore 6 run (Moore run). 5:23
A: Moore 47 run (Moore run). 4:43
A: Chris Suttmeier 5 pass from Moore (Moore run), 2:43
A: Moore 25 run (Moore run), 0:49
Fourth Quarter
A: Moore 10 run (Will DiStefano kick), 4:26
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Granby -- Stephen Blake 8-7, James Utso 9-minus 14, Benjamin Marlor 1-0, Curtis Field 2-minus 11, Glenford Gutzmer 1-3, Caleb McMullin 2-0, Alden Crosset 1-minus 7. Avon -- Colin Moore 23-244, Mitch Cappello 7-95, Patrick Driscoll-Kelly 7-10, Patrick Logan 3-0, Sean Smith 2-0, Jimmy Murphy 1-minus 5, Adrian Barats 1-1, Noah Hahn 1-minus 1
PASSING: Granby: Field 0-9; Crosset 1-5-1, 7 yds. Avon: Moore 1-1-0, 5 yds.; Nolan Hahn 0-1
RECEIVING – Avon: Chris Suttmeier 1-5.
RETURNS: Punts -- Patrick Driscoll Kelly 5-61; Kickoffs -- Jimmy Murphy 1-10

Gilbert/NWR 20, Avon 10
At Winsted
Avon (3-2)0  8  0  2 – 10
Gilbert (3-2)       7  6  0  7 – 20
First quarter
G: Tony Ortiz 59 run (John Ambrozaitis kick), 2:36
Second quarter
A: Colin Moore 6 run (Moore run), 9:50
G: Ortiz 33 pass from John Lippincott (kick failed), 1:48
Fourth quarter
G: Devon Molway 55 run (J.P. Duluc kick), 2:24
A: Safety. Lippincott takes a knee in end zone, 0:32
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Avon – Colin Moore 32-157, Noah Hahn 1-6, Mitch Cappello 1-5, Noah Gilmore 2-3, Chris Suttmeier 2-minus 2, Jimmy Murphy 1-minus 3; Sean Smith 5-31, Gilbert – John Lippincott 8-2, Devon Molway 16-140, Tony Ortiz 6-83, John Ambrozaitis 2-0, Seth Dayton 4-8, Cameron Carr 2-11, Ryan Ott 1-7
PASSING: Avon – Colin Moore 2-10-1, 9; Noah Hahn 2-15-3, 28; Gilbert – John Lippincott 1-3-0, 33
RECEIVING: Avon – Bobby Dully 3-30, Sean Smith 1-7; Gilbert – Tony Ortiz 1-33
INTERCEPTIONS: Armbrozaitis (G) 2-51, Oritz (G), Lippincott (G) 1; FUMBLE RECOVERY: Jimmy Murphy (A), George Kostal (A), Michael Pinkerton (A); SACKS – Kyle Gain (G) 1-12, Joseph Murphy (A) 1-1, Ryan Ott and J.P. Duluc (G) 1-9
RETURNS: Punts – Moore (A) 1-6, Molway (G) 1-0; Kickoffs – Moore (A) 2-23, Jimmy Murphy (A) 2-67, Austin Curry (A) 1-5, Ed Vanty (G) 1-14, Seth Dayton (G) 1-23; PUNTING: DiStefano (A) 3-117

Avon 31, Canton 0
At Avon
Canton (0-4)       0  0  0    0 – 0
Avon (3-1)0  8  8  16 – 31
Second quarter
A: Colin Moore 9 run (Moore run), 1:44
Third quarter
A: Moore 71 run (Moore run), 3:52
Fourth quarter
A: Moore 2 run (Moore run), 9:34
A: Noah Gilmore 50 run (Will DiStefano kick), 3:18
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Avon – Noah Gilmore 2-95, Patrick Driscoll-Kelly 1-minus 1, Colin Moore 24-175, Jimmy Murphy 1-7, Sean Smith 3-minus 1, Chris Suttmeier 1-11; Canton – Eric Scott 7-minus 17, Robby Grillo 1-2, Kyle Mullins 22-70, Jesse Lachance 2-minus 3, Cameron Daley 4-13, Keith Wilson 1-minus 13, Dan Delos 3-1
PASSING: Avon – Colin Moore 2-4-0, 19; Canton – Eric Scott 6-9-1, 59; Daley 0-1-0
RECEIVING: Avon – Will DiStefano 2-19; Canton – Jake Wood 3-26, Zach Powell 1-30, Conner Gavin 1-4, Robby Grillo 1-minus 1
RETURNS: Kickoffs – Jimmy Murphy (A) 1-18, Colin Moore (A) 1-12, Cameron Daley (C) 4-38; Punts – Patrick Driscoll-Kelly (A) 3-19
SACKS: Jimmy Murphy (A) 2.5-22, Kwinton Proffitt 1-6; INTERCEPTIONS: Stephen Griffin (A) 1-8; PUNTING: DiStefano (A) 3-104

Avon 36, SMSA/Univ. 6
At Avon
SMSA/Univ. (0-2)   0  6  0  0 – 6
Avon (2-1)  14  8  7  6  -- 36
First quarter
A: Chris Suttmeier 11 pass from Colin Moore (Moore run), 7:45
A: Will DiStefano 31 pass from Moore (run fails), 3:35
Second quarter
A: Moore 8 run (Sean Smith run), 6:44
S: Wilfred Alicea 1 run (run fails), 1:00
Third quarter
A: Moore 1 run (Moore run), 3:20
Fourth quarter
A: Moore 35 interception return (kick fails), 10:07
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Avon – Colin Moore 26-178, Sean Smith 7-18, Jimmy Murphy 2-9, Mitch Cappello 3-3, Patrick Driscoll-Kelly 4-6; SMSA/Univ. – Kayron Macon 11-26, Trenton Sheldon 13-65, Kiante Macon 1-minus 20, Ezequiel Ortiz 2-2, Will Alicea 6-minus 24
PASSING: Avon – Colin Moore 3-5-0, 61, Noah Hahn 1-2-1, 23; SMSA/Univ. – Will Alicea 8-23-3, 159
RECEIVING: Avon – Chris Suttmeier 2-34, Will DiStefano 2-50; SMSA/Univ. – Kiante Macon 2-70, Rashod Cauley 4-62, Shawn Wright 1-15, Kayron Macon 1-12
RETURNS: Avon – Moore (kickoff) 1-15, Smith 1-0 (KO); SMSA/Univ. – Cauley 2-37 (KO), Kayron Macon 1-8 (KO), Caleb Martin 1-14 (KO), Kiante Macon 1-3 (KO)
SACKS: Avon – Austin Curry 2-20, Lenny Dupee 1-9; INTERCEPTIONS: Allen Andre (S) 1-11, Colin Moore (A) 2-35, Jimmy Murphy (A) 1-0; FUMBLE REC: Matthew Beauregard (S); PUNTING: DiStefano (A) 1-31

Coventry/WT 26, Avon 21
At Coventry
Avon (1-1)7    0  8  6 -- 21
Coventry (2-0)    6  13  7  0  --26
First quarter
A: Colin Moore 1 run (Will DiStefano kick)
C: Mike Fahey 55 run (kick fails)
Second quarter
C: Fahey 80 run (kick fails)
C: Jeremy Weeks 64 pass from Fahey (Tom Myers kick)
Third quarter
C: Travis Lemire 19 run (Myers kick)
A: Moore 19 run (Moore run)
Fourth quarter
A: Moore 4 run (run fails)
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Colin Moore 33-291, Sean Smith 3-18, Mitch Cappello 4-11, Jimmy Murphy 4-24
PASSING: Moore 4-9-1, 103 yards
RECEIVING: Will DiStefano 2-16, Bobby Dully 1-56, Justin Reichler 1-31
PUNTING: DiStefano 1-35
RETURNS: Mitch Gauthier 1-35 (KO); SACKS -- Jimmy Murphy 1-8; FUM REC: Joe Murphy, Bobby Dully

Avon 30, Stafford/EW 7
At Stafford
Avon (1-0)     0  6  8  16 – 30
Stafford/EW (0-1)    7  0  0     0 – 7
Second Quarter
S: Zach Rollins 65 run (Tim Artruc kick)
A: Mitch Gauthier 68 kickoff return (kick failed)
Third Quarter
A: Colin Moore 3 run (Moore run)
Fourth Quarter
A: Will DiStefano 35 pass from Moore (Moore run)
A: Moore 5 run (Moore run)
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Avon -- Colin Moore 27-244, Mitch Gauthier 2-0, Mitch Cappello 2-13, Sean Smith 4-9, Chris Suttmeir 3-minus 2
PASSING: Avon -- Colin Moore 4-9-2, 45; Noah Hahn 0-1-0
RECEIVING: Avon -- Bobby Dully 1-7, Sean Smith 1-2, Will DiStefano 2-36
INTERCEPTIONS: Jeff Marshall 2-0
PUNTS: DiStefano 2-64
RETURNS: Moore 2-36 (punts), Gauthier 1-71 (kickoff), Graham Welke 1-22 (kickoff)
Pequot Conference
Game stories
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The Collinsville Press

Pequot Conference 2011
Game stories
Five Falcons earn All-Pequot honors
AVON, Dec. 26 -- Five Avon High players earned All-Pequot Conference honors in recent voting by the league coaches. Tyler Arnott, Will DiStefano, Colin Moore, Jimmy Murphy and Will Schiffrin were each recognized by Pequot Conference coaches.

Moore, a junior running back and defensive back, had an outstanding season. He set a new single season rushing record by running for 2,206 yards, breaking the mark of 1,946 set two years ago by Ross McDonald. Moore ran for over 200 yards six times and a team-high 23 TDs. He set a new single season record for two-point conversions with 19. On the defensive side of the ball, he had two interceptions. He ran one back for a TD.

Murphy, a sophomore linebacker, led the team with 135 tackles and 9½ sacks for 78 yards. He also had an interception and recovered a fumble before breaking his hand in the final game of the year against Windsor Locks.

Shiffrin (tackle) and Arnott (guard) were mainstays on the offensive line that allowed Moore to race for his school record 2,206 yards, allow Avon’s offense to score 248 points and help the Falcons to a 7-3 record, its fifth straight winning season. Shiffrin and Arnott, both seniors, also played on the defensive line with Arnott making 26 tackles.

DiStefano, a junior, led the team in receiving with 11 receptions for 174 yards and 3 TDs. He was also an accomplished punter with 15 punts for 531 yards or an average of 35.4 yards, which finished among the top 20 in the state. He also hit two field goals (23, 28 yards) and was 6-of-8 kicking extra points.

“We had a very successful season,” Avon High coach Brett Quinion said. “We have had many outstanding teams over the years both in record and in character. This team was so solid as a team though, that in comparison it takes a back seat to none. They had each other’s backs in and out of adversity, bounced back from losses well, and gave me no disciplinary problems and were extremely respectful both to the coaching staff, the support parents and their school.”

OTHER HONORS: Moore was named to the All-Courant football team as a running back for the 71 schools in Connecticut that the Hartford Courant considers part of its primary circulation area.

Moore sets new rushing record in season-ending win
AVON, Nov. 19 – Junior halfback Colin Moore ran for 261 yards and 4 TDs on 23 carries to help the Falcons end their season with a 39-12 victory over Windsor Locks/Suffield/East Granby on Senior Day. Moore set a new single season mark for rushing with 2,206 yards, breaking the mark of 1,946 set in 2009 by Ross McDonald.

Moore ran for over 200 yards for the sixth time this season and he scored four TDs for the second time. With four two-point conversions, Moore set a new single season record of 19, breaking the old mark of six.

Avon (7-3) finished with its fifth straight winning season. The Falcons had six straight winning seasons from 1962-67.

Ellington prevails in defensive battle
ENFIELD, Nov. 14 – The opportunities were there for the Avon High football team. They just couldn’t grab them in a 14-5 loss to undefeated Ellington/Somers Monday night at Fermi High. Four times, the Falcons drove inside Ellington’s 30-yard line, including one drive to the Knight 1-yard line. Avon came away with just a field goal.

Bryan Rider’s two-yard TD run with 5:20 remaining in the game lifted Ellington (8-0), which beat Avon (6-3) for the first time. Mike Cassino’s interception with 2:30 remaining secured the contest for the Knights, who clinched its first-ever CIAC Class M playoff berth. “Three turnovers and two offsides penalties (on fourth down plays) erased our chances,” Avon coach Brett Quinion said. “Ellington is a fine team but we beat ourselves.”

Avon’s Colin Moore didn’t score for the first time this season and ran for 154 yards on 34 carries. On its first drive, Avon drove inside the Ellington 25 but lost the ball on a Moore fumble. “We put together a nice drive running some power and isolation plays in both a new formation that we had not shown this year,” Quinion said. “You only get so many opportunities against a quality opponent. We had them on their heels.”

On its second drive, the Falcons drove to the Ellington 11-yard line and received a 28-yard field goal from Will DiStefano for a 3-0 lead. On its next drive, Avon had the Knights stopped but an offsides play on fourth down kept Ellington’s drive alive. Ellington continued on a 14-play drive, converting twice on fourth down and scoring on a two-yard run from Jason Moustafa for a 7-3 lead.

In third quarter, Avon stopped Ellington on their first drive and its initial possession, they drove to the Knight before the drive stalled. After the change of possession, Avon’s Austin Curry sacked Rider for a safety, cutting the lead to 7-5. But Ellington was able to keep the Falcons at bay for the remainder of the contest.

It was the first time ever in school history that Avon scored five points in a single game . Ellington (8-0) will face Coventry/Windham Tech (8-0) on Thanksgiving morning for the Pequot Uncas Division championship. “Everybody is really excited,’’ Ellington coach Keith Tautkus told the Journal Inquirer. “Avon is one of those games we marked on the calendar. We wanted this one. We have a lot to be excited about.’’

Falcons stand up
to challenges and beat Enfield, 20-7
ENFIELD, Nov. 10 – After not practicing for over a week due to the widespread power outages from the Oct. 28 snowstorm that knocked out power to the entire town of Avon, the Falcons got in three days of practices and outlasted Enfield, 20-7 on Thursday night. Junior halfback Colin Moore continued his march through the record books. For the second straight game, he carried the ball 40 times and he scored 3 touchdowns.

Moore ran for 2 TDs and 269 yards on 41 carries to help the Falcons improve to 6-2. He scored on TD runs of 3 and 5 yards. He also had a 47-yard punt return for a touchdown.

It wasn’t easy. Originally scheduled to play be played in Avon on Nov. 5, the game was played on the artificial turf at Enfield, which benefits the speedy Raiders. And Avon was playing without fullback Sean Smith, who was hurt in the win over Housatonic and Mitch Cappello, who got hurt early in the Enfield game, which limited the Falcon offense.

“Our offensive line was physical and we wore them down as the night wore on,” Quinion said. “We rotated between our conventional spread shot gun looks as well as the double wing and Colin Moore finished his runs well.”

Quinion was pleased with the defensive effort. “We were able to get pressure on QB Tony Romano throughout the night,” Quinion said. “Enfield’s spread offense is difficult to defend and we needed to keep pressure on their QB.  Our secondary played well and was only beaten on a few plays all night.  To hold Enfield to seven points is an accomplishment that I am proud of.”

Two big plays were Moore’s 47-yard punt return that gave Avon an early lead and Mitch Gauthier’s key interception in the end zone on fourth down that denied Enfield a scoring opportunity. “In these past two weeks we have gotten better as a football team,” Quinion said. “We have left no doubt both to anyone that has watched us or two ourselves that we are improving and playing good football. I am proud of my team both in the day-to-day character that they show as well as their desire to improve.”

Avon faces another big challenge on Monday against undefeated Ellington/Somers (7-0) at Fermi High in Enfield at 6 p.m. The Purple Knights had a bye last week. "It was an extremely hard hitting game and one that is difficult to recover from in just a few days,” Quinion said.

NOTES: Moore’s 269 yards is the third highest single-game rushing performance in school history, also shared by Ross McDonald in 2009 and Mike D’Onofrio in 2008. Moore has run for over 200 yards five times this season – a new single season record. His 1,791 yards rushing is second only to McDonald's 1,974 in 2009. K Will DiStefano was 2-for-3 with extra points.

Enfield game is Thursday night at 6 p.m.
Power outages reduce practice time for Falcon football
AVON, Nov. 8 – What a week for the residents of Avon and the Falcons football team. Thanks to a rare October snowstorm that left 10 to 12 inches of heavy, wet snow on Oct. 29, more than 831,000 customers in Connecticut lost their electric service including every customer in Avon, Farmington, Simsbury, Canton and Granby. It took Connecticut Light and Power nearly 10 days to restore power to residents but in the meantime, school was cancelled and Avon High became a shelter for residents seeking refuge from the cold, a warm place to sleep, a place to get a shower and a place to get some food and water.

For the Falcon football team, no school meant no practice. A scheduled game with Enfield on Nov. 5 was postponed. Athletic Department rules stipulated at least two days of practice before a game. The Falcons finally got permission to practice on Tuesday and will face Enfield on Thursday night at 6 p.m. at Enfield High. Avon was scheduled to face Ellington/Somers on Saturday. With the Enfield game on Thursday, that game has been rescheduled for Monday, Nov. 14 at Fermi High in Enfield at 6:30 p.m.

Falcons win OT thriller in driving snowstorm
FALLS VILLAGE, Oct. 29 – The Avon High football team got a break and turned it into a win. In a driving snowstorm, the Falcons forced a turnover in the second overtime and four plays later, Avon’s Will DiStefano hit a 23-yard field goal to lift the Falcons to a thrilling 17-14 victory. His first career FG gave Avon (5-2) its first-ever double OT victory.

The game was tied 8-8 at the end of regulation. In OT, each team gets the ball on the 10-yard line. Avon’s Colin Moore scored on a five-yard run but the conversion run failed. Housatonic tied the game at 14-14 when Jake Sutterlin scored from the two. But the Falcon defense held to send the game into a second OT.

Housatonic got the ball first but Sutterlin coughed up the ball on third down. Avon couldn’t get far and DiStefano attempted the field goal from the six-yard line.

“Defensively, we shut down their power game and they did not score on (our defense in regulation),” Avon coach Brett Quinion said. “Kwinton Proffitt led a stout defense with 10 tackles and two fumble recoveries. Mitch Gauthier was in on 14 tackles and Austin Curry was in on 11 as well. Patrick Driscoll-Kelly was in on 9 tackles and had an important interception. It was a game of two evenly matched teams.”

The second half and overtime were played in a driving snowstorm. The weather was fine in the first half where Housatonic was able to squelch three Avon scoring opportunities. On its first drive, Avon drove to the Housatonic 29 but Donyell Williams intercepted a Moore pass. On its second drive, the Falcons drove to the Housy 34 before the drive stalled. Late in the second quarter, Avon drove to the Mountaineer six but after Jimmy Murphy was hit for a four-yard loss, Williams’ knocked down Moore’s pass to end the threat.

Housatonic took an 8-0 lead in the third quarter when John Haddon scored on a 40-yard fumble return. Sutterlin ran in the two-point conversion. Avon responded when Moore scored from the 1.

Moore seldom left the field. Offensively, he ran the ball 44 times for 233 yards and two TDs. On defense, he was playing outside linebacker. “Colin Moore was impressive with his durability,” Quinion said. “The durability aspect gets lost sometimes as we tend to look at yards.  He earned my respect with the stamina and durability.”

“It was a terrific high school game,” Quinion said. “The weather and the ability to convert a field goal in a snowstorm will add to the memories for the kids years down the road. Our linebackers continue to be the strength of the team. Joey Murphy, Jimmy Murphy, Steven Griffin and Austin Curry are consistent performers.  As we move on to Enfield and Ellington these four young men will have to play well if we are to have success.”
NOTES: It was the second OT game in school history for Avon, who beat Stafford in 2006. ... It was the first game-winning FG in 20 years since Ken Lytle hit a 30-yard field goal in a 3-0 win over Stafford in 1991. Dick Migli had a 26-yard FG in 3-0 win over SImsbury in 1967.
The Register Citizen, Oct. 29: Avon tops Housatonic in double OT

Housy game time moved up
AVON, Oct. 28 – Due to the possibility of snow on Saturday, the game time for Avon’s game against Housatonic in Falls Village has been moved up to 11:30 a.m.

Falcons too quick for Granby in shutout win
AVON, Oct. 22 – Under portable lights at Avon High for Homecoming, the Falcons steamrolled visiting Granby on Saturday night. Junior back Colin Moore ran for 244 yards and 4 TDs on 22 carries to lead Avon to a 39-0 victory. Moore also threw a 5-yard TD pass to Chris Suttmeier as Avon raced out to a 32-0 lead after one quarter. Moore has scored 14 TDs in six games for the Falcons.

Moore also broke the school record with four 2-point conversions in a single game. Twice this year, he had three 2-point conversions against Canton and Stafford. He had shared the record with Jeff Burrows, who had three against Housatonic in 1962. Joey Murphy intercepted his first pass of the season for the Falcons.
Avon Patch, Oct. 22: Falcons too much for undermanned Granby

Hard work is the best medicine
AVON, Oct. 18 – The Avon High football team finds themselves in a spot that they haven’t been in for several years now. With losses to Coventry and Gilbert, the opportunity to win the Pequot Conference’s Uncas Division has probably disappeared.

Like other teams around the state, the Falcons have to focus on smaller achievements – winning games, a winning season, getting better offensive and defensively and growing as players.

“It will be difficult,” Avon coach Brett Quinion said after a tough 20-10 loss to Gilbert on Saturday. “That is is part of the deal on the way to becoming a young man. Things like this happen. You have to get back to work. And sometimes, the best way to get over it is to get back to work on Monday getting ready for the next week.”

Avon hosts Granby on Saturday night at 7 p.m. at the high school in the annual night game under portable lights.

MILESTONE WATCH: With 157 yards against Gilbert, junior Colin Moore became the eighth runner in school history to run for more 1,000 yards in a single season. At the mid-way point of the season Moore has rushed for 1,045 yards and 11 TDs on 142 carries. The school record is 1,974 by Ross McDonald in 2009. ... Moore has already set a new single season record for most two-point conversion runs. He has nine. The old record was six set by Ian McNeill in 1999.

Yellowjackets bend but don't break in win over Avon
WINSTED, Oct. 15 – Gilbert sophomore Tony Ortiz scored a pair of touchdowns and Devon Molway had a 55-yard TD run with 2:24 remaining to lift the Yellowjackets to a 20-10 victory over Avon at Van Why Field. Gilbert’s defense bent but seldom broke. The Yellowjackets (3-2) allowed Colin Moore to run for a game-high 157 yards and 1 TD on 32 carries but gave up just 33 yards to the rest of the Falcons offense.

Avon (3-2) trailed by six, 13-8, when they took over with 8:10 remaining on their own 33-yard line. Behind Moore, they marched to the Gilbert 31. But Gilbert LB Max Chenail nailed Moore for a one-yard loss on second down and on the next play, Avon was called for their fifth false start penalty of the game.

After an incomplete pass, Moore’s five-yard pass to Sean Smith was two yards shy of the first down. Gilbert took over and on first down, Ortiz lost two yards but Avon was penalized 15 yards for illegally grabbing a facemask. On the next play, Molway escaped around the outside for a 55-yard TD run for a 20-8 lead.

This was a battle of will and strength, played out primarily on the ground. “We were able to find those little chinks in their armor trying to move the ball a little bit and it worked,” Gilbert coach Scott Salius said.

Late in the first quarter, Molway gained 15 yards on third down to the Gilbert 41. Thanks to some nice blocking, Ortiz cut inside and into open space for a 59-yard TD run with 2:36 left remaining and a 7-0 lead. Avon took an 8-7 lead with a 62-yard, eight-play drive that concluded with Moore scoring from the six and adding a two-point conversion with 9:50 left in the second quarter.

Gilbert ate up much of the second quarter with a 14-play, 72-yard scoring drive, converting twice on third down and scoring on fourth down. Lippincott found Ortiz, who outleaped a Falcon defender, for a 33-yard touchdown pass with 1:48 remaining and a 13-8 lead.

Avon nearly scored again. Moore ran for 13 yards on a third down conversion to keep the drive alive. On a key fourth down play, Moore ran 19 yards for a first down, knocking over a Yellowjacket defender on his run. After calling its final timeout, Avon had the ball on the Gilbert seven with 27 seconds remaining. Lippincott dropped a potential interception on second down and on third down, sophomore linebacker Ryan Ott nailed Jimmy Murphy in the backfield for a four-yard loss. Without any more timeouts, the Falcons couldn’t snap the ball before the clock ran out.
Litchfield Country, Oct. 15: Yellowjackets earn respect with win over Avon

Second half surge lifts Avon past Canton, 31-0
AVON, Oct. 6 -- Led by explosive junior Colin Moore, who had a 71-yard TD run on Avon’s first play of the third quarter, the Falcons scored 25 second half points to pull away with a 31-0 Pequot Conference victory over Canton under warm, sunny skies. Moore finished with three TDs, 24 points scored and a game-high 175 yards on 24 carries as Avon improved to 3-1.

It was a slight 8-0 lead at halftime, thanks to a one-handed interception from Stephen Griffin and a nine-yard TD run from Moore in the final two minutes. “I give Canton all the credit in the world,” Avon High coach Brett Quinion said. “They did a great job taking away our power and isolation game. I had to change our blocking schemes.”

Avon punted four times on its first five possessions. The other possession stalled on the Warrior 23-yard line. Canton (0-4) played with abandon. Three times in the first half, the Warriors ran the ball on fourth down and one. They made it twice. Canton defenders nailed Moore for losses twice. But Avon didn't allow Canton to come close to scoring.
Collinsville Press, Oct. 6: Falcons surge in second half for 31-0 win over Canton

Stirring the drink for AHS
AVON, Oct. 3 -- Following the win over Sport Medicine Science Academy, we took a look at junior quarterback Colin Moore and how he makes thing happen with the Avon High football team.
Collinsville Press, Oct. 3: Moore stirs the Falcon offense

Moore plays big role in Falcon win
AVON, Oct. 1 – Avon QB Colin Moore was a one-man wrecking crew Saturday. Moore ran for a game-high 178 yards and two TDs on 26 carries. He also completed 3-of-5 passes for 65 yards and two touchdowns. And on defense, he intercepted a pair of passes, returning one 35 yards for a touchdown as Avon rolled to a 36-6 victory over Hartford-based Sport Medicine Science Academy/University High.

The Falcons (2-1, 2-1 Pequot Uncas) kept plenty of pressure on QB Will Alicea, intercepting three passes and sacking him three times for a loss of 29 yards.

Moore ran six times for 53 yards on the opening drive that ended with his 11-yard TD pass to Chris Suttmeir. Moore’s two-point conversion run made it 8-0. On Avon’s second drive, it took them five plays to cover 46 yards with Will DiStefano scoring on a 31-yard TD pass from Moore for a 14-0 lead.

In the second quarter, the visiting Tigerhawks marched nearly 70 yards to the Avon six-yard line. But on fourth down, Mitch Gauthier batted away a pass in the end zone to end the threat. Avon responded by marching 94 yards in 10 plays to take a 22-0 lead on an eight-yard TD run from Moore and a two-point conversion run from Sean Smith.

Austin Curry had two sacks for 20 yards while Lenny Dupee had one for nine yards. With a two-point conversion run in the third quarter, Moore tied the school single-season record for conversion runs at six. Ian McNeill ran for six two-point conversions in 1997.

Game time for SMSA game on Saturday now at 3 p.m.
AVON, Sept. 29 -- Don't forget that gametime for Saturday's home opener against Sport Medicine Science Academy has been moved to 3 p.m. It is the first time that Avon will be meeting the co-op magnet school squad from Hartford. SMSA's co-op partner is University High School, also in Hartford. The Tigerhawks dropped their season opener to Ellington on Monday night, 51-12.
Hartford Football Online, Sept. 24: Ellington makes Tigerhawks pay for mistakes

Moore sets new single game rushing record of 291 yards
COVENTRY, Sept. 23 – Not only did Colin Moore run for three touchdowns but the Falcon QB also set a new single game school record by rushing for 291 yards on 33 carries. That snaps the old single game rushing record set of 275 yards by Ross McDonald in 2009 against Canton.

McDonald's mark lasted lass than two years. Bill Loeffler’s school-record rushing performance of 259 yards against Housatonic in 1967 lasted for 40 years and Moore’s performance is the fourth time it has been topped in the last four years. Mike D’Onofrio first broke the record in 2008 by rambling for 269 yards and 4 TDs vs. Stafford. McDonald tied that mark in 2009 with 269 yards and 5 TDs vs. Enfield before his record-setting performance against Canton in 2009.

Avon pushes Pats to the brink COVENTRY, Sept. 23 -- The Coventry/Windham Tech football team stopped Avon on the one-yard line as time expired to beat the Falcons for the first time since 2006 on Friday night under the lights, 26-21. Avon recovered a Coventry fumble with 2:24 remaining and was driving for the game-winning score. Avon’s Colin Moore (33-286, 3 TDs) was stopped on the 1-yard line as time expired.

For Coventry (2-0), Mike Fahey scored 2 TDs and ran for 191 yards on 13 carries. Coventry led 20-7 at halftime thanks to long TD runs of 80 and 55 yards from Mike Fahey and a 64-yard TD pass from Fahey to Jeremy Weeks. Moore ran for a career-high 286 yards and scored 20 of Avon's 21 points.

Moore ties school record
Colin Moore tied a 49-year-old school record with three 2-point conversion runs in Friday night's 30-7 win over Stafford/East Windsor. The only other Avon High player to do that was Jeff Burrows against Housatonic in 1962.

Moore sparks Avon past Stafford
STAFFORD, Sept. 16 – The Falcons scored 30 unanswered points to earn a hard-fought 30-7 victory over Stafford/East Windsor Friday night in the season opener for both teams. Junior Colin Moore ran for a career-high 237 yards and two TDs on 28 carries. He also threw a 35-yard TD pass to Will DiStefano and ran in three two-point conversion runs.

“Colin was the difference maker in this game,” Avon coach Brett Quinion said. “He is shifty and can make you miss.”

Stafford took a 7-0 lead when Zach Rollins (6-85 rushing) broke a few arm tackles on a 65-yard touchdown run. But Avon responded on the next play when Mitch Gauthier ran back a 68-yard kickoff return.

In the third quarter, Avon’s Jeff Marshall intercepted the first of two passes. The Falcons marched 45 yards in three plays with Moore going in from the three-yard line. The conversion run by Moore gave Avon a 14-7 lead.

Into the fourth quarter, the Falcons held a seven-point lead. Avon drove to the Stafford 35-yard line. Facing fourth down and 13, the Falcons decided to try for the first down instead of punting. Tight end Will DiStefano slipped between two defenders and Moore hit him for a huge 35-yard touchdown pass. The two-point conversion pushed the lead to 22-7. When Stafford got the ball back, the Bulldogs went back to pass on first down and Marshall came up with his second interception.

The Falcons added an insurance touchdown on five-yard run from Moore, who did his damage helping to convert several third-and-long situations with his scrambling ability.

“We played a solid second half and like any game I can point to a couple of plays that were just huge in determining the outcome," Quinion said. "Our defense played consistently and made it difficult for Stafford to string drives together.”

Tenth season of coverage for Avon Football Online
AVON, Sept. 15 – Avon Football Online celebrates its ninth anniversary as we begin coverage of our 10th season of Avon High football. Since we first debuted on Sept. 15, 2002, we have been sharing the victories, losses and challenges surrounding the Falcon football program with professional stories and photography. One of the oldest continuing high school football websites in Connecticut, we added a Facebook page to provide additional access and information to our readers and a platform to interact with each other.

Opening day milestones
Record: 26-25
Biggest win: 1976, Avon 42, Pomperaug 0
Last win: 2009, Avon 44, Coventry/Windham Tech 29
Biggest defeat: 1999, Windsor 40, Avon 0
Note: This is the first opener for Avon against Stafford/Windsor Locks. The Falcons are 4-4 playing under the lights on opening day, including three wins in its last four outings. Their last opener under the lights was a win over Coventry/Windham Tech, 44-29 in 2009.

2011 preview
Falcons have eyes on another Pequot Uncas Division title
AVON, Sept 9 -- The Avon High football team won’t look the same this fall as it did a year ago. And that isn’t unexpected – especially when two All-State athletes graduate along with your starting quarterback.

Still, Avon head coach Brett Quinion thinks his team can contend for a fifth straight Pequot Uncas Division championship. Another league title won’t come off the speed of the Falcons. It is likely to come from the strength and precision of Avon’s play. “We lost a lot of team speed but we’re very strong,” said Quinion, who is beginning his ninth year on the sidelines. “Last year’s team didn’t work hard in the weight room. This team is the strongest team I’ve ever had. They’ve been very diligent for the last 11 months.”
Collinsville Press, Sept. 9: Falcons have eyes on another Uncas Division title

Falcons have three scrimmages set
AVON, August 22 – Avon High’s football team has scheduled three scrimmages to prepare for the 2011 campaign. The Falcons will participate in a five-team scrimmage at Simsbury on Wednesday, Aug. 31 along with Westfield, Mass., Gilbert and Tolland. Avon will scrimmage at Fermi in Enfield with East Catholic on Friday, Sept. 3 and conclude it preseason preparations on Tuesday, Sept. 6 with a scrimmage against Prince Tech-Hartford at home at 4 p.m.

Avon is largest team in Pequot by one
AVON, August 20 - -Avon will have the most boys in grades 9-12 of the 20 schools in the Pequot Football Conference this fall but just by one boy. Overall enrollment at Avon dropped 15 this year to 548 boys according to figures filed with the CIAC. Nearly even with the Falcons is the co-op team of East Hampton and Vinal Tech with 547 boys in the two schools. East Hampton will be fielding a varsity team for the first time. Check out the numbers
Pequot Conference football, Aug. 20: Eight of top 10 largest teams are co-op teams
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Above, the new scoreboard at Avon High. Below, the old scoreboard shown during a track meet in May 2011.
Colin Moore (23) is the first Avon runner to rush for over 2,000 yards in a single season.