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2014 standings 
Uncas Division
Team        Lg.     Over. 
x-Canton                 9-0       10-1
Ellington/Somers  8-1         9-2
Avon                         7-2         7-4
W. Locks/Suff/EG   6-3         8-3
Granby           5-4         7-4
Gilbert/NWR 4-5         4-7
Enfield           3-6         3-8
SMSA/University     2-7        4-7
Coventry/WT/Bolt   1-8         1-10
Stafford/EWins       0-9         0-11

Sassacus Division
Team        Lg.     Over.
xy-Valley Reg/OL    9-0       11-0
North Branford       8-1       10-1
Coginchaug 7-2         9-2
Morgan          6-3        8-3
Hyde              5-4         5-6
Cromwell      4-5         6-5
H-Killingworth        3-6         4-7
Nonnewaug 2-7         2-9
Lewis Mills    1-8        2-9
Old Saybrook/WB  0-9         0-11
x-clinched division title
y-won overall league title
Co-operative teams:Coventry/Windham Tech/Bolton
Gilbert/Northwestern Regional
SMSA/University HS
Stafford/East Windsor
Windsor Locks/Suffield/East Granby
Old Saybrook/Westbrook
Valley Regional/Old Lyme

Previous seasons
Pequot 2013
Pequot 2012
Pequot 2011
Pequot 2010
Pequot 2009
Pequot 2008
Pequot 2007
Pequot 2006
Pequot Football Conference
2014 season
Students at 2014
Pequot schools
School             Stud. Class   Change
1. WL/Suff/EG*552         L      up 17
2. Cov./WT/Bolton*   511        M      down 17
3. Avon          505         M      down 35
4. SMSA/University* 432        M       up 72
5. Gilbert/NWR*       422        M        down 9
6. Ellington/Som*    420        M        down 17
7. Lewis Mills 413        M        up 4
8. Granby        375         S        down 15
9. Enfield        363         S        down 17
10. Valley Reg/OL* 357         S        down 52
11. Nonnewaug      340         S        down 13
12. O.Saybrk/WB     316         S       down 5
13. North Branford  301         S       down 11
14. H-Killingworth  299S       down 10
15. Coginchaug     290S       up 11
16. Canton  287S       up 1
17. Morgan    283S       down 25
18. Cromwell279S       up 9
19. Stafford/EW*    243 S       down 38
20. Hyde        166S        up 5
Source: CIAC. Numbers are students in grades 9-12. Change is difference in number of students from 2014 to 2013.
*Co-op programs

Students at 2013
Pequot schools
School       Students   Class   Change
1. Avon               540      L         down 8
2. WL/Suff/EG*            535      L         down 9
3. Coventry/WT/Bolt*  528       M          up 14
4. Ellington/Somers* 437       M        down 42
5. Gilbert/NWR*          431       M        down 27
6. Lewis Mills   409       M      no change
6. Valley Reg./OL*     409        M          up 25
8. Granby          390       M           up 24
9. Enfield           380       S       down 11
10. SMSA/Univ.*         360        S          up 34
11. Nonnewaug         353       S      no change
12. Housy/Wam*       333       S          up 52
13. Old Saybrk/WB*   321       S        down 19
14. No. Branford        312       S        down 1
15. H-Killingworth      309       S       down 35
16. Morgan        308       Sup 17
17. Canton        286       Sup 3
18. Stafford/EW*        281       S          up 15
19. Coginchaug         279       S       down 4
20. Cromwell    270       S       down 7
21. Hyde            161       S           up 8
Source: CIAC. Numbers are students 
in grades 9-12. Change is difference in number of students from 2013 to 2012.
*Co-op programs

Students at 2012
Pequot schools
School       Students   Class   Change
1. Avon               548      L    no change
2. WL/Suff/EG*            544      Lup 49
3. East Hampton/VT  525      M       down 22
4. Coventry/WT/Bolt   514       M      down 12
5. Ellington/Somers  479       Mup 43
6. Gilbert/NWR 458       Mup 40
7. Lewis Mills   409       Mdown 9
8. Enfield           391       M       down 49
9. Valley Reg./OL       384       S    no change
10 Granby         366       S       down 25
11. Nonnewaug         353       S        first year
12. H-Killingworth      344       S      down 16
13. Old Saybrook/WB  332     Sdown 6
14. SMSA/Univ. 326       S        down 98
15. No. Branford         313       S        down 27
16. Morgan        291       Sup 5
17. Canton        283       Sup 13
17. Coginchaug         283       S    unavailable
19. Housatonic/Wam  281     S      down 115
20. Cromwell    277       S      down 12
21. Stafford/EW266       S      down 87
22. Hyde            153       S      down 10
Source: CIAC. Numbers are students 
in grades 9-12. Change is difference in number of students from 2012 to 2011.
*Co-op programs

Students at 2011
Pequot schools
School       Students   Class   Change
1. Avon            548L       down 15
2. E. Hampton/VT    547          L      1st yr tm
3. Coventry/WT*       526L       up 15
4. WL/Suff/EGran*   495L       down 61
5. Ellington/Som *   436         M       up 6
6. Enfield        440M       up 12
7. SSMA/Univ*         424          M       up 78
8. Gilbert/NWR*       418         M       down 57
8. Lewis Mills 418         M       down 16
10. Housatonic/Wam* 396    S       up 96
11. Granby        391       S       down 3
12. Valley Reg/OL* 384S       up 19
13. H-Killingworth   360          S      down 3
14. Stafford/EW*     353 S      up 5
15. North Branford  340 S     up 4
16. Old Saybrook/WB* 338     S     down 5
17. Cromwell 289 S     down 21
18. Morgan     287 S   no change
19. Canton     270 S     down 19
20. Hyde         163 S      up 13
Source: CIAC. Numbers are students 
in grades 9-12. Change is difference in number of students from 2011 to 2010.
*Co-op programs

Students at 2010
Pequot schools
School       Students   Class
1. Avon            563L
2. WL/Suff/EGran*   556L
3. Coventry/WT*       511M
4. Wolcott Tech        510M
5. Gilbert/NWR*       475M
6. Lewis Mills 434M
7. Ellington/Somers*  430     M
8. Enfield        428M
9. Granby        394S
10. Valley Reg/OL* 365S
11. H-Killingworth   363 S
12. Stafford/EW*     348 S
13. SSMA/Univ*       346 S
14. Old Saybrook/WB* 343     S
15. North Branford  336 S
16. Cromwell 310 S
17. Housatonic/Wam* 300     S
18. Canton     291 S
19. Morgan     287 S
20. Hyde         150 S
Source: CIAC. Numbers are students 
in grades 9-12
*Co-op programs

Students at 2009
Pequot schools
School                       Students   Class
1. Vinal Tech/Cog*          622        MM
2. Windsor Locks/Suff * 609        MM
3. Avon                              535        M
4. Coventry/WT*               522        M
5. Enfield                          485        M
6. Gilbert/NWR*               478        M
7. Ellington/Somers *     451        SS
8. Wolcott Tech                415        SS
9. Nonnewaug                 383        SS
10. H-Killingworth           376         S
11. North Branford          370         S
12. Valley Reg/OL*         347         S
13. Stafford/EW*             346         S
14. Old Saybrook/WB*   324         S
15. Housatonic/Wam *  328         S
16. Canton                       278         S
17. Cromwell                   269         S
18. Hyde                           177         S
Source: CIAC. Numbers are students 
in grades 9-12
*Co-op programs

2013 CIAC football
points formula
The top four teams in each division will be selected using a point system as follows:
Four classes: Class LL, L, M and S

A school will receive 100 points for defeating a school in its own class;
· 90 points for defeating a school in one lower class;
· 80 points for defeating a school in two lower classes;
· 110 points for defeating a school in one higher class;
· 120 points for defeating a school in two higher classes.

A school defeating a league opponent of a lower class will not be subject to the structure as outlined above but will receive 100 points.

A school will receive 10 points for each victory earned by any opponent it has

The total number of playoff points will be divided by the total number of games played to determine the point value earned by each school.

The following three steps will be used in breaking ties in pairings if two or more schools finish with the same point value in the same division.

1) In the event the schools have met during the regular season, the winner wins the position in question.

2) The wins and ties of each of the opponents are added (2 points per win and l point per tie) and the team with the greatest number of points wins the position in question. This includes each opponent regardless of whether the game was won or lost.

3) If there is still no winner the computer will “flip a coin” to determine the winner of the position. 

The top four (4) teams in each division will qualify for the Semi-final games (24 teams total)

Pequot Conference tiebreakers
The Pequot Football Conference has tiebreakers for determining its divisional and overall league champions.
Divisional champions
1. If there is a tie between two teams, the winner of the head-to-head decision is the divisional champion.
2. If the two teams did not play head-to-head, the division champion shall be the team with the best conference record.
3. If it is still tied, the teams shall be declared co-champions

Conference champion
1. The league champion will be the divisional champion with the best overall record.
2. If the two teams are tied, head-to-head competition will be used to break the tie.
3. If they did not meet in a game, the two divisional champions shall be declared co-champions.
Source: Section D of the Pequot Football Conference by-laws.

2013 standings 
North Division
Team        Lg.     Over. 
x-Ellington/Som      5-1        6-5
Cromwell       4-2        4-7
W. Locks/Suff/EG   3-3        7-4
Coventry/WT/Bolt    3-3        5-6
Enfield            3-3        5-6
SMSA/University     3-3        5-6
Stafford/EWins        0-6        2-9

West Division
Team        Lg.     Over. 
x-Gilbert/NWR        6-0         9-3
Avon                         4-2         8-3
Canton          4-2         7-4
Granby           4-2         6-5
Nonnewaug  2-4        4-7
Lewis Mills    1-5        2-9
Housatonic/Wam   0-6        0-11

South Division
Team        Lg.     Over.
x-Valley Reg/OL     6-0         12-1
Morgan          5-1         10-2
Coginchaug 4-29-3
North Branford       3-3         7-4
Hyde              2-4          5-6
Old Saybrook/WB  1-54-7
H-Killingworth        0-60-11
x-clinched division title

2012 standings 
Uncas Division
Team        Lg.     Over. 
x-Avon                   10-010-1
Ellington/Somers  9-19-2
Gilbert/NWR 7-37-3
Canton          7-37-3
Coventry/WT/Bolt   7-3          7-3
Enfield           5-55-5
Granby           4-64-6
SMSA/University     3-73-7
Stafford/EWins       2-82-8
W. Locks/Suff/EG   1-91-9
Housatonic/Wam   0-10       0-10

Sassacus Division
Team        Lg.     Over.
x-North Branford   10-0       12-1
Hyde               9-1        10-2
Cromwell       8-28-2
Valley Reg/OL         7-37-3
H-Killingworth         5-55-5
Old Saybrook/WB   5-55-5
Morgan           5-55-5
Coginchaug  3-73-7
Nonnewaug   2-82-8
East Hampton/VT   1-9          1-9
Lewis Mills     0-10       0-10
x-clinched division title
Co-operative teams:Coventry/Windham Tech/Bolton
Gilbert/Northwestern Regional
SMSA/University HS
Stafford/East Windsor
Windsor Locks/Suffield/East Granby
East Hampton/Vinal Tech
Old Saybrook/Westbrook
Valley Regional/Old Lyme

2011 standings 
Uncas Division
Team        Lg.     Over. 
x-Ellington/Somers 10-0     10-1
Coventry/WT 9-19-2
Avon               7-37-3
Gilbert/NWR 7-37-3
Enfield           6-46-4
Stafford/EW  5-55-5
SMSA/University     4-6         4-6
Housatonic/Wam  4-64-6
Granby           2-8         2-8
Wind. Locks/Suff   1-91-9
Canton          0-10        0-10

Sassacus Division
Team        Lg.     Over. 
x-Valley Reg/OL     9-1         10-2
North Branford       9-19-2
Cromwell      8-2          10-3
H-Killingworth        8-28-3
Coginchaug 6-46-4
Old Saybrook/WB  5-55-5
Hyde              4-64-6
East Hampton/VT  3-7         3-7
Lewis Mills    2-8         2-8
Morgan          1-91-9
Nonnewaug            0-10       0-10

2010 standings 
Uncas Division
Team        Lg.     Over. 
x-Avon            8-18-2
Gilbert/NWR 7-29-3
Coventry/WT 7-27-3
Enfield           7-27-3
Ellington/Somers  6-36-4
Housatonic/Wam  4-55-5
Canton          3-63-7
Stafford/EW  2-72-8
Wind. Locks/Suff   1-82-8
Granby           0-90-10
x-clinched division championship.

Sassacus Division
Team        Lg.     Over. 
xc-Valley Reg/OL   9-0       11-1
Cromwell      6-37-4
Hyde              6-37-4
Coginchaug 6-37-3
North Branford       5-36-4
H-Killingworth        4-54-6
Old Saybrook/WB  3-64-6
Morgan          2-64-6
Lewis Mills   1-72-8
Wolcott Tech0-80-10
x-clinched division championship
c-won league championship
Spts Science Acad/Univ.      4-6
Co-operative teams:
Windsor Locks/Suffield/E. Granby
Coventry/Windham Tech
Stafford/East Windsor
Old Saybrook/Westbrook
Valley Regional/Old Lyme
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CIAC playoffs
Saturday, Dec. 13
Class S Small Division championship
Capital Prep/Achievement First 20, North Branford 13: QB Rayshaun Phillips rushed for 109 yards and two touchdowns to lead second-seeded Capital Prep/Achievement First (12-1) to its first-ever state title at Arute FIeld at Central Connecticut State. The Trailblazers rallied from a seven-point deficit to become the first Constitution State Conference team to win a state championship.

Class S Large Division championship
Valley Regional/Old Lyme 21, Ansonia 20: Valley Regional/Old Lyme refused to let their dream of a state championship die – even when they fell behind by 13 points with 5:01 remaining in the fourth quarter. The Warriors (13-0) scored three touchdowns in the final 6:19 and two TDs in the final 3:26 to stun Ansonia, 21-20 and win their first-ever state championship in the Class S Large Division.

Saturday, Dec. 6
Class S Small Division semifinals
Capital Prep/Achievement First 28, Canton 21: The Trailblazers scored 20 unanswered points in the second half to erase a 13-point halftime deficit to beat Canton in a steady rain to advance to the Class S final. 
North Branford 10, N.W. Catholic 6
Class S Large Division semifinals
Valley Regional/Old Lyme 34, Bullard Havens 0
Class M Small Division semifinals
St. Joseph 55, Ellington/Somers 6

Week 11
Enfield 46, SMSA/University 14
Windsor Locks/Suffield/EG 34, Stafford/East Windsor 0
North Branford 43, Hyde 12
Valley Regional/OL 49, Haddam-Killingworth 7
Canton 42, Granby 13
Avon 48, Gilbert/Northwestern 7
Nonnewaug 38, Lewis Mills 7

Coginchaug 50, Cromwell 0
FRIDAY, Nov. 28
Morgan 53, OSW 21
Ellington 47, Coventry/WT/Bolton 12
Week 10
Cromwell 26, Haddam-Killingworth 14
Valley Regional/OL 37, Hyde 14
North Branford 41, Morgan 40, OT
Windsor Locks/Suffield/EG 52, Coventry/WT/Bolton 22

Canton 27, Avon 21,  OT
SMSA/University 33, Stafford/East Windsor 6
Ellington/Somers 35, Enfield 7
Granby 24, Gilbert/Northwestern 20
Coginchaug 36, Nonnewaug 7
Lewis Mills 38, Old Saybrook/Westbrook 24

Week 9
SMSA/Univ 30, Nonnewaug 27  
W. Locks/Suffield/E. Granby 34, H-K 20  
Coginchaug 42, Cov./Wind. Tech/Bolton 8  
Cromwell 34, Enfield 33  
Granby 40, OSW 0  
Morgan 63, Ell./Somers 28  

N.Branford 62, Gilbert/NW 13  
Valley/OL 17, Avon 9  
Canton 28, Hyde 12  
Lewis Mills 35, Stafford/E. Windsor 6  

Week 8
SMSA/University 20, Cov./Wind. Tech/Bolton 14 

H-K 43, OSW 13  
Valley Regional /OL 6, Morgan 0 

Hyde 34, Nonnewaug 0  
Cromwell 26, Lewis Mills 0  
N.Branford 27, Coginchaug 0  
Canton 42, Gilbert/NW 6  
Ell./Somers 10, Granby 7  
Avon 62, W. Locks/Suffield/E. Granby 34  
Enfield 13, Stafford/East Windsor 0  

Week 7
Granby 33, Stafford/East Windsor 0  
Avon 49, Cov./Wind. Tech/Bolton 6  
Canton 42, Enfield 7 

Morgan 42, Lewis Mills 13  
Valley/OL 56, Coginchaug 6  
H-K 28, Nonnewaug 18  
Hyde 45, Cromwell 24  
N.Branford 54, OSW 7  
Ell./Somers 35, Gilbert/NW 15  
W. Locks/Suffield/E. Granby 25, SMSA/University 8  

Week 6
North Branford 47, Avon 7
Valley Regional/OL 41, Gilbert/NWR 12
HK 35, Stafford/EW 0
Windsor Locks/Suff/EG 49, Lewis Mills 20
Ellington 13, Hyde 10

Morgan 31, Canton 7
Coginchaug 52, Enfield 15
SMSA/University 12, Old Saybrook/Westbrook 6
Cromwell 49, Coventry/WT/Bolton 21
Granby 24, Nonnewaug 0 

Week 5
Friday, Oct. 10
Coginchaug 26, Morgan 25  
N.Branford 47, Nonnewaug 0  
Valley/OL 44, Cromwell 0  
Avon 34, Enfield 0  
Gilbert/NW 35, Stafford/East Windsor 0  

Saturday, Oct. 11
Hyde 47, OSW 14  
H-K 27, Lewis Mills 13  
Ell./Somers 39, SMSA/University 0  
Canton 37, W. Locks/Suffield/E. Granby 13  
Granby 62, Cov./Wind. Tech/Bolton 33 

Week 4
Thursday, Oct. 2
Avon 48, SMSA/University 0: Avon won its third straight with a dominating win at Dillon Stadium. Falcon QB Sean Del Gallo completed 9-of-12 passes for 126 yards and two touchdowns.
Valley Regional/OL 31, North Branford 7: On a record-breaking night, Valley running back/linebacker Justin Cheverier helped lift the Warriors (4-0) to a dominating win over North Branford (3-1). Cheverier set a new state record for most career tackles (521). He also ran for 73 yards and two TDs and picked off a Thunderbird pass. Teammate Chris Jean Pierre also scored two touchdowns, ran for 110 yards and threw a TD pass.
Granby 35, Enfield 21: Junior Connor Field ran for three touchdowns and 377 yards on 33 carries to lead the Bears (2-2) to their second straight win . Enfield (1-3) tied the game at 14-14 when Tyrik Henry caught the second of three touchdown receptions in the third quarter. But Field scored on two long touchdown runs in the third quarter and Pagano scored in the fourth quarter to put the Bears ahead for good. 

Friday, Oct. 3
Canton 42, Coventry/Windham Tech/Bolton 8: Three Canton backs ran for over 100 yards to lead the undefeated Warriors to a big win. Canton scored on its first six possessions. Dan Delos ran for 114 yards and 2 TDs while Sebby Gumbs ran for a career-high 101 yards and a TD and Cam Daley rushed for a career-high 115 yards and a TD.
Hyde 38, Haddam-Killingworth 14: Hyde’s Dwayne Hunter Parker threw a 65-yard TD pass to Tamar Peterson and ran for two TDs (65, 50) to lead the Howling Wolves (2-2). Ronnie Freeman ran for two TDs (2, 62), a pair of two-point conversion runs while Aaron Wright hit an 18 yard field goal along with an extra point. For the Cougars (0-4),  Hunter Czaja caught a 10 yard TD pass from Alex Segaline and Josh Breiling had a 1 yard TD run. Segaline was 2-for-2 with extra points.

Saturday,  Oct. 4
Coginchaug 46, Lewis Mills 0: Jake Ober ran for three touchdowns and 92 yards on eight carries to lead undefeated Coginchaug (4-0) over winless Lewis Mills (0-4). Mills has lost eight straight since last season.
Ellington/Somers 35, Stafford/East Windsor 6: Mark Hickman ran for two TDs as the Purple Knights (3-1) easily dispatched Stafford.
Windsor Locks/Suffield/East Granby 36, Gilbert/Northwestern 7: Jarvis Miller had an outstanding day, running for four TDs and 243 yards to lead the Raiders past the Yellowjackets for the first time since 2006. Miller also had an interception on the defensive side of the ball. Gilbert (3-1) was led by Paxton Franklin, who scored on a 90-yard touchdown run. Franklin’s run is tied for the second longest TD run in school history. Tony Ortiz had a 90-yard TD run against Canton in 2013. The record is 91 yards set by Ryan Moore (1993) and Bob McCarthy (1975).
Morgan 34, Nonnewaug 0: Jake Ward ran for 3 TDs and 233 yards on 28 carries and scored on a fumble return to lead the undefeated Huskies (4-0).
Cromwell 32, Old Saybrook/Westbrook 16: The Panthers won their second straight game Saturday.

Week 3
Gilbert/Northwestern 46, Coventry/WT/Bolton 18: Paxton Franklin for a game-high 221 yards and two TDs to lead the undefeated Yellowjackets (3-0). Gilbert led 18-6 before scoring three of the next four TDs in the game to pull away. Rick Persechino caught two TD passes from Franklin and QB Aiden Teller. Coventry was led by Dan Gebhart, who scored 3 TDs.
Granby 51, SMSA/University 20: Connor Field ran for a school-record 337 yards and four touchdowns to lead Granby to its first victory of the season Friday night at Dillon Stadium. Field snapped the previous single-game record (176 yards) set a year ago by QB Dom Pagano. The quarterback ran for 114 yards on 15 carries. Freshman Blake Breglia had a pair of touchdown passes for the winless Tigerhawks (0-3).
Coginchaug 28, Haddam-Killingworth 14: Jake Ober ran for three touchdowns and threw a 56-yard TD pass to lead the undefeated Blue Devils (3-0). QB Alex Segaline threw two TD passes for HK.

Canton 21, Ellington/Somers 14: On a hot day on the steamy synethic turf in Canton, the Warriors ran for 316 yards and forced two turnovers to beat Ellington for the first time since 2009. Canton (3-0) moves into first place in the Uncas Division and is off to its first 3-0 start since 1954.
Windsor Locks/Suffield/EG 32, Enfield 0: The Raiders improved to 2-1 with a shutout win over Enfield. RB Khamri Thomas scored 3 TDs and ran for 162 yards for Locks. Teammate Jarvis Miller ran for 185 yards and had a 53-yard touchdown run.
Avon 42, Stafford/East Windsor 6: The Falcons improved to 2-1 by beating Stafford/East Windsor for the 16th time in 17 outings.
Morgan 41, Hyde 21: Running back Jake Ward ran for 4 TDs and 186 yards to lead the undefeated Huskies (3-0). Dwayne Hunter-Parker scored 2 TDs and ran for 184 yards for Hyde (1-2). The Howling Wolves pulled within a touchdown early in the fourth quarter but Ward scored 2 TDs to allow Morgan to pull away.
Valley Regional/Old Lyme 42, Old Saybrook/Westbrook 7: Playing in Old Lyme, the Warriors rolled to a big win over the Rams before over 1,500 fans. QB Chris Jean-Pierre threw four TD passes and ran for another in the first half. Justin Cheverier had two TD receptions of 29 and 45 yards. Valley recognized the last Old Lyme football team at the game. George King, 91, the father of current Valley coach Tim King, was a QB on the 1941 Old Lyme grid team.
Cromwell 40, Nonnewaug 7: Kristin Sapp ran for 226 yards and 2 TDs to lead the Panthers (1-2) to their first victory of the season. Jarius Bailey completed 6-of-10 passes for 179 yards and a TD for Cromwell and also ran for 155 yards and 3 TDs.
North Branford 68, Lewis Mills 19: Lewis Mills QB Lucas Lanning threw three touchdown passes but the Thunderbirds were too much in a 68-19 victory. North Branford (3-0) was led by Austin Calamita, who scored six touchdowns. He rushed for two touchdowns, caught three TD passes and returned a fumble 54 yards for another score. 

Week 2
Avon 50, Granby 21: Avon recovered six Granby fumbles and ran two back for touchdowns to earn its first win of the season. 
Canton 46, Stafford/East Windsor 0: Cam Daley scored 4 TDs as Canton (2-0) tied a record for largest winning margin in team history.
Enfield 31, Coventry/WT/Bolton 7: QB Jason Davis threw 2 TD passes and ran for a 20-yard TD run to lead the Raiders. He completed 4-of-7 passes for 140 yars and 2 TDs. 

Ellington/Somers 28, Windsor Locks/Suffield/EG 27: The Raiders scored a last second TD but missed the extra point as the Knights held on for the win.
Gilbert/NWR 15, SMSA/University 14: Gilbert scored a late fourth quarter TD to edge the Tigerhawks. 
Nonnewaug 41, OSW 19  
Coginchaug 42, Hyde 14  
Valley Regional/OL 43, Lewis Mills 10  
Morgan 47, Cromwell 27  
North Branford 64, H-K 14  

Week 1
Ellington/Somers 28, Avon 14: Mark Hickman scored four touchdowns, including a tipped pass for a touchdown at the end of the second quarter, as the Purple Knights picked up a very satisfying 28-14 win. It was just the second win ever for Ellington/Somers over Avon in nine tries. “We really came in here focused,” Ellington coach Sean Byrne said. “We had this one circled on our calendar since last year’s game. We felt we were embarrassed so we really got after it. The kids wanted this one and it showed.” 
Hyde 54, Lewis Mills 22: Senior Ronnie Freeman scored 6 TDs, running for five and catching a TD pass, as the Howling Wolves dominated. Hyde led 41-6 after one quarter. Mills QB Lucas Lanning threw a pair of touchdown passes and receiver Casey Ciamniewski caught six passes for 120 yards and TD,
Valley Regional/Old Lyme 38, Nonnewaug 0: Evan Smith scored 2 TDs (54 yard run, 50 yard reception) and Justin Cheverier ran for 128 yards and a touchdown to lead the WarriorCats.
Coginchaug 42, Old Saybrook/Westbrook 0: Jake Ober scored 3 TDs and ran for 142 yards to lead Coginchaug. 

FRIDAY, Sept. 12
Gilbert/Northwestern 34, Enfield 13: Gilbert’s Paxton Franklin nearly set a new single game rushing record. Franklin for 312 yards and 2 TDs on 33 carries to lead the Yellowjackets. Franklin fell one yard short of the school record set by Devin Molway, who ran for 313 yards and 5 TDs against Canton in 2011. Gilbert’s Tucker Kreh caught 2 TD passes (7, 16) from QB Aiden Tellier. Enfield’s Tyrik Henry caught 2 TD passes (84, 9).
Coventry/Windham Tech/Bolton 20, Stafford/East Windsor 6: QB Daniel Lawrence ran for a 1-yard TD and threw a 42-yard TD pass to Konnor Schenk to lead the Patriots. Connor Hutchins ran for 99 yards on 19 carries for Stafford.
Windsor Locks/Suffield/East Granby 41, Granby 14: The visiting Raiders scored four first half touchdowns to win Friday night in Granby. The Bears QB Dom Pagano did complete a 72-yard TD pass to junior receiver Fred Moffa in the first half.
North Branford 46, Cromwell 8: The Thunderbirds got off to a strong start with a dominating win over the Panthers.
Morgan 46, Haddam-Killingworth 12: Running back Jake Ward ran for 256 yards and 3 TDs to lead the Huskies. QB Chuck Kostek completed 12 of 14 passes for 187 yards and 4 TDs as Morgan spoiled the coaching debut of Cougar coach Mike Baklik.

THURSDAY, Sept. 11
Canton 35,SMSA/University 6: Canton ran for 222 yards and had three long scoring drives of 10 or more plays as the Warriors rolled on opening night. On the other side of the ball, Canton gave up just one yard rushing to the Tigerhawks and had an interception, two sacks and seven tackles for losses.

2014 Pequot Conference previews
As we can find them, we'll be adding links to previews for Pequot Conference football teams. If you have a link for us, send it to

Coventry/Windham Tech/Bolton
Ellington/Somers   GameTime preview
Stafford/East Windsor
Windsor Locks/Suffield/East Granby

Lewis Mills
North Branford
Old Saybrook/Westbrook
Valley Regional/Old Lyme

In final season in Pequot, Avon slips to third largest team in league
Avon has been the largest school in the Pequot Conference for the past four seasons. Ironically in their final season in the Pequot before joining the Central Connecticut Conference next fall, Avon has slipped to the third largest team in the league. Avon has 505 boys in grades 9-12, down 35 from a year ago.

The co-op teams from Windsor Locks/Suffield/East Granby and Coventry/Windham Tech/Bolton have taken over the top two spots in the league. Five of the largest programs in the Pequot Conference are co-op programs.

Canton moved up No. 16 in the 20-team league with a larger student population than four other Pequot Conference schools. Canton is the second smallest team in the Uncas Division. Only Stafford/East Windsor is smaller.
2014 Pequot Conference school sizes

Pequot moves back to 
two division format
AVON, May 26, 2014 -- With Housatonic dropping its varsity program due to a low number of players, the Pequot Conference has modified its schedule and divisions. In 2013, the Pequot moved to a three division format with seven teams in each division (West, North, South). With 20 varsity teams, the league is moving back to its two division format (Uncas and Sassacus) that the Pequot used from 1993 to 2012. 
Collinsville Press, May 26: Pequot Conference moves to back to two divisions
n Canton's Dan Delos strips Avon receiver Luke Meaney of the ball forcing a turnover in the fourth quarter of Canton's 16-13 win over the Falcons in September 2013
n Lewis Mills' Max Stone, shown against Granby, ran for 99 yards and 3 TDs as the Spartans beat Stafford in 2013.
n Gilbert/Northwestern's Tony Ortiz (7) runs for yardage in the 2013 Class M quarterfinals against Joel Barlow.
2013 Pequot Conference All-Star selections
The Pequot Conference has announced its 2013 All-Star teams for the three divisions as determined by the coaches in the respective divisions. Valley Regional was the overall league champion with a 11-0 record in the league.

Western Division 
Player of the Year (tie): Jimmy Murphy RB/LB, Avon and Tony Ortiz, RB/S, Gilbert/Northwestern

QB: Noah Hahn, Avon
RB: Jimmy Murphy, Avon; Tony Ortiz, Gilbert/Northwestern
WR: Dylan Marquis, Avon; Ian Downey, Granby
TE: Paxton Lewis-Franklin, Gilbert/Northwestern
OL: Pierce Walsh, Canton; Ryan Rogers, Avon; John Brucker, Granby; Kevin Wheeler, Nonnewaug, Matt Selander, Granby
K: John Burdick, Avon
Flex: John Lippincott, Gilbert/Northwestern, Sebby Gumbs, Canton
DB: Seth Dayton, Gilbert/Northwestern; Cam Daley, Canton; Max Stone, Lewis Mills; Avik Vimal, Avon
LB: Ryan Ott, Gilbert/Northwestern, Stephen Griffin, Avon; Cam McHale, Lewis Mills
DL: Jason Largay, Granby; Mitchell Jackson, Gilbert/Northwestern; Gene Llenga, Nonnewaug; Shane Toland, Canton
P: Eric Scott, Canton

Northern Division
QB: Joe Lesile, Ellington/Somers
RB: Jarvis Miller, Windsor Locks/Suffield/EG; Jason Davis, Enfield
WR: Tyrik Henry, Enfield; Jarvis Bailey, Cromwell; Devan Valdez, Coventry/Windham Tech/Bolton
OL: Shawn Lozada, SMSA/University; Joey Chaves, Cromwell; William Szozda, Windsor Locks/Suffield/EG; Ben Bahler, Ellington/Somers; Justin Finch, Stafford/East Windsor; Kyle Whalen, Enfield; Trevor Printy, Ellington/Somers
PK: Mike McNally, Cromwell
Flex: Ago Jiminez, Windsor Locks/Suffield/EG
DB: Antwaum Burney, Cromwell; Nick Joren, Enfield; Wilfredo Alicea, SMSA/University; Kadeem Johnson, SMSA/University; Mike Cascino, Ellington/Somers
LB: Christian Schneider, Ellington/Somers; Vincento Marciano, Coventry/Windham Tech/Bolton; Ezequiel Ortiz, SMSA/University; Jeremy Wilson, Windsor Locks/Suffield/East Granby
DL: Connor Hutchens, Stafford/East Windsor; Nick Condron, Windsor Locks/Suffield/EG; John Weaver, Cromwell; Jacob Hinkel, Ellington/Somers, Sean Green, Coventry/Windham Tech/Bolton
P: Logan Frassinelli, Stafford/East Windsor
Southern Division
Division MVP: Jake Ward, running back, Morgan
QB: Phil Cohen, Valley Regional/OL
RB: Jake Ward, Morgan; Jack Granger, Coginchaug, Brett Sparaco, Old Saybrook/Westbrook
WR: Austin Calamita, North Branford; David Peck. Valley Regional/OL; Devin Rodrigue, Coginchaug
OL: Eric Peterson, Morgan, Ryan Murphy, Coginchaug, John Burke, North Branford, Jackson Driscoll, Valley Regional/OL; Jake Turner, Morgan
PK: Dwayne Parker, Hyde
Flex: Dwayne Parker, Hyde, Evan Smith, Valley Regional/OL
DB: Chris Jean Pierre, Valley Regional/OL; Joe Lee, Morgan
LB: Greg Lee, Morgan; Austin Wotherspoon, Old Saybrook/Westbrook; Mike Kaiser, North Branford; Justin Cheverier, Valley Regional/OL, Ty Kartiganer, Coginchaug; Jaquane Manly, Hyde
DL: Peter Barry, Valley Regional/OL; Jace Garcia, Morgan; Lou DiStasio, North Branford; Jack Gianconia, Valley Regional/OL; Cory VonDassel, Old Saybrook/Westbook
Ellington/Somers' Jake Arnold, left, Izaiah Castro-Vega, center, and Shane McGowan (40) work to tackle Avon's Teddy Allmendinger (34) earlier this year.
Canton's Matt Bangs causes Capital/AF QB Rayshawn Phillips to fumble in the semifinal game against the Trailblazers. Capital recovered the ball.
n Coaches and staff for Valley Regiona/Old Lyme celebrate as QB Chris Jean-Pierre races toward the end zone in the Class S Large Divison championship game with Ansonia.
Pequot Conference coaches names league All-Stars
Coaches in the Pequot Conference have selected All-Stars for the Uncas and Sassacus Division for the 2014 campaign. Canton won its first league championship since 1958 by capturing the Uncas Division championship while Valley Regional won the Sassacus Division title. By going 11-0, Valley won the overall league title, too.

Canton’s Paul Philippon was named coach of the year. His Warriors had just 27 players in the program but they went 10-1 overall and 9-0 in the Uncas Division. They also qualified for the Class S playoffs for the first time ever. 
Canton running back Dan Delos was named the Uncas Division player of the year while Morgan’s Jake Ward was named Sassacus Division player of the year. Sam Nochea of Old Saybrook/Westbrook was voted to receive the Teddy Netcoh award.

All-Stars from the Uncas and Sassacus Division are at the end of this story in the Collinsville Press.